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    Maybe I'm doing something wrong, nut when I try to start a new user group the following happens: - I am at 'http://www.runningahead.com/groups/ - I click on 'start a group now' - I see the page: 'Please select a category' with the categories - I choose the categorie 'Regional groups' - I see the page: 'Regional groups' with on top of the page a rectangle with 'Create new group in Regional Groups' - I click on 'Create new group in Regional Groups' - then I am wright back where I started ( http://www.runningahead.com/groups/ ) It's not a big issue for me, because I was just clicking out of curiousity but I think you might want to know this. Greetings

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      This problem replicates when I try it. Hmmmm.

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        Yep, happening for me, as well. k

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          Mimir, There might be a bunch of beta testing spots open soon, would you like to be a beta tester? ;-) Two bugs found in less 24 hours is pretty good! I've found and fixed the bug. It was caused by my paranoia about security, which accidentally broke this bit of code. It should be working now. I apologize for interrupting your curiosity. You may continue to click away. eric Smile