NYC Marathon 2013 - Registration Opening Date? (Read 61 times)

    I googled NYC Marathon 2013 and found alot of mixed and seemingly outdated information...  I remember NYC registration opening at about this time last year.  Does anyone know when NYC Marathon registration opens?


    I'll add my personal scenario as well, I registered and did not get lottery picked in 2011 and 2012... I wanted to register again for a lottery pick in 2013, and if denied in 2013, would have been able to get in on the last year of the "Automatic entry for 3 failed lottery picks" option in 2014.


    I do realize that Sandy threw everything up in the air on this, and that even more folks want to run this race now than ever did before, and there is quite a backlog.


    Any information on when registration opens, and if they have made a decision on the "3 failed lottery picks in 2011, 2012, 2013" will get you into 2014 is still in play.  I know that 2014 was the last year they would allow anyone to the race on that scenario and I was on track for that at least, prior to Sandy.    --- If nothing has yet been made public that is clear from NYRR, then please let me know and I will wait... :-)


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      I don't know when it's supposed to open.  My friend emailed them about the 3 years denied and all her reply said was that they would get to her when they're done figuring out the 2012 people and to check the website.  However, I've found the best place to get information about NYCM these days is their Facebook page.

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