7/4 w/o suggestions (Read 191 times)

    been doing track intervals on wed mornings for past few weeks.   basically been mixing up each week shorter intervals 200-800 meters & between 2.5 & 4.5 miles total including  recovery laps.  hard laps usually run at or slightly under my 5k pr pace. next race  5k on 7/4 so have 2 more wed w/o"s before race.   2 options i"m looking at are:  1.  just do something similar to what I've been doing  2.  maybe doing 3x1 mile repeats w/ 800 recovery between.


    I'm leaning towards #1 because of the short time until 7/4 (obviously wed. 7/3 will be an easy non-track day)  & then start mile repeats following week.,  figuring the mile repeats will be better training for some longer races coming up Aug-Sept..


    I'm an experienced recreational competitive runner (aka non elite) & currently avging 35-low 40's mpw with my sunday LR 10-13 1/2 miles.  avg around 150 mpm.  couple of days will break 100 mpm for June (done) which will be my 48th (4 yr anniversary) consecutive 100 + mile month'


    suggestions anyone for next 2 weeks?


        I think doing what your body is used to, but maybe not as many reps? So instead of 4 miles of intervals/recovery maybe do 2/3 that ammount and then 1/2 that ammount and week before your race maybe just do a short time trial to keep your legs moving, try a 15 min warm up, 800 time trial at 90% effort, and then a nice cool down

          A vote for option 1.


          It's too small a window to benefit from/adapt to big changes.

          Runners run.

            Not advice as I don't race much and you are faster than me, but here's what I'd do (if this is generic, I apologize).


            What is your weakness, strength or speed?  For me I think I am OK on the speed front (36-37 sec 200 m, 1:28-1:35 400m intervals), but quickly fall apart on the longer intervals.  If the 5K is important I think I'd do a 1.5-2 mile time trial at near 5K pace for confidence and getting used to holding that quick pace.  If on the other hand you have the endurance and the speed does not match it, shorter reps for a finishing kick and shave a couple of seconds there?  Either way as Mikey says anything you do probably will not make a big difference unless you overdo it and have dead legs on race day

              thanks for input.   still not decided but looks like running partner is leaning towards the mile repeats.  will decide when we meet up at 6.  either way will not make difference on race outcome with only 2 w/o's left


              Letting off steam

                The only significant gain this close would be to get the feel of your goal pace.  Eight days out next Wed... I think you could do the 3 x 1 mile at 5k pace, although shorter reps (4 x 1200) might be my preference.



                  ended up compromising &  did  3x1600 @ around 5k race pace w/800 recovery.  same this Wed.     plan after the 7/4 race  is  4x1600 w/800 recovery every other week & alternate weeks will change things up & probably do some kind of mix of 200-1600 repeats.      wu/cd will be 1.5 miles each way as that is distance from house to track.   there is a .75 downhill to track which means .75 uphill after track w/o to get home.   some days its a bit of a challenge to get back up the hill home.  ha