Cracked rib (Read 450 times)

    Has anyone ever run with a cracked rib? Did you tape it? I have read that running inhibits the healing process, and the jarring is not good for cracked ribs. I wondered if I could run really easy, which is how I usually run anyway.

      i recommend just take time off - i tried running and it got worse each day, so bad that i couldn't sleep one night.  went to the doctor, she said take off 6 weeks completely from running - i agreed but after a solid two weeks of zero physical activity i went for a run and felt great...so i suggest doing the same.  take off 2 weeks and give it a go.  perhaps you can even try just one full week of rest and then see how it feels.  taping or any other compressive device did not help me - high dose ibuprofen is helpful as well if you are in constant pain. 

        Rest it for a least a couple of weeks.  I pulled something (might have even cracked something, I don't really know) in my rib cage during a bout with bronchitis and made it worse by trying a slow easy run.  It's just too jarring on the ribcage no matter how slow and easy you think you're going.  I also would advise against masking the pain with ibu and then convincing yourself it's okay to run because it doesn't hurt as much. 

          I'm sure you're right. I may try resting just for one week and see how it feels. I could start up again the first week of May.

          12-week layoff

            Please see your doctor, as some over-the-counter pain medications inhibit bone growth, which you do not wish to do if your body is attempting to heal a broken bone. 


            But don't believe some random person on the internet.  Check with a doctor about what to take or not take for your cracked ribs.