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    I love my Brooks Ghost,, any recommendations for similar but slightly lighter shoe


    Im 6'1" 175,, Neutral shoes are best for me,,, looking for something with a little less cushion and more feel for the road for shorter runs. Adidas Adizero Boston was recommended.


    Appreciate any insight



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      Durable and a bit lighter than the ghost: the adidas adizero tempo 4.


        If you want to stick with Brooks, and want to go to the far extreme of light weight, minimal cushioning, and a lot of road feel, you can try the Hyperion. You do lose out on some roominess in the toebox vs. the Ghost, if that's important to you.


          I watched a review (Michael Jamison) of the new Saucony Triumph 17 today, and it looks like a great shoe.

          Saucony Kinvara is always a crowd pleaser for a lighter shoe with less cushion. I LIKE cushion, but I find them adequate for runs up to 10k.

          I'm really liking my Skechers MaxRoad4, and the even lighter less cushioned model is the GoRun7, and even more lighterer and less cushioneder is the Razor3, but they might be way too light and comfortable for you if you're used to Brooks.

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            I would recommend the Saucony Kinvara but don't give up on Ghost. It is a wise idea to rotate shoes. Maybe Ghost for longer runs and Kinvara for quick runs.

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              Have you tried the Launch? It's one step down from the Ghost in terms of cushioning.


                I used to run in the ghost for easy runs and kinvara for workouts, but am now on my second pair of Brooks Launch. It’s essentially the ghost with a little less cushion. It’s lighter and you get a little more response. I still do workouts in Kinvaras. The launch are cheaper than the ghost too!

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                  I would recommend Mizuno Wave Shadow.  I alternate between a pair of those and pair of Brooks Launch.  Both are a little less shoe than the Ghost I believe.