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     + 9 million


    Especially since i am in a referendum state.  In a typical year there are between 8 and 20 initiatives.  Plus all the local races.  Plus we dont have to keep kids home from school after they just missed 4 days for a hurricane so some schools can be used as an election center.  (Not that a hurricane has ever hit Oregon but there WAS the Columbus day storm of 1962 that all storms will forever more be compared to and come up lacking)


      I heard on the radio yesterday about someone in Miami, Fla., having to wait in line for several hours for a chance to vote, then again in line for 30 minutes to leave. Their ballot was five pages - both sides, and it was taking people forever to run them through the scanner.


      BTW - I was in 4th grade for thhe Columbus Day storm, and I still remember vividly many things about it. People here in North Carolina try to tell me that I don't know what "a real storm" is like, and I tell them "yes, I do!"


      Just a couple of minutes wait for me. 7 bubbles to mark and done. 10 minutes max from arriving to leaving.


      It seems that in our part of northern VA that each polling station is only expected to handle a couple of thousand voters and there are 13 hours for them to trickle through.

      The process is the goal.

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