Head Lamp - Black Diamond Storm (Read 368 times)

old woman w/hobby

    Any one use this?  Thoughts...    



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      I can't speak to that one--I'm a Princeton Tec user.  The one I have (a Fuel) has lasted for a year of running (sometimes trails after dark for a few hours at a time) plus ALL my backpacking trips.  On a single set of batteries.  I love it. 


      They also stand by their products really, really well.  I dropped and broke the latch/battery door.  Entirely my fault after a night run.


      They sent me a new door (two, actually), no questions asked, for free.  I tried to order a replacement, and they would not let me--insisted on giving me a free one.


      That said, Black Diamond's climbing gear is all really high quality (but I only know their harnesses...).

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        I have a Black Diamond Spot, the cheaper model than what you are interested in, and I love it.