The pool I use has a current in the outside lanes (Read 829 times)

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    i have not encountred such a thing with an indoor pool (but then again i have not been swimming for very long) and just joined this club for the pool.  When I am in the outside lanes (it is a small, 4 lane pool) there is a distinct current...one way i feel like I am Michael Phelps, the reverse I feel like I am swimming uphill...so my question...

    Should i use those lanes? or try for one of the 2 middle lanes where there is no current? 


    I am new to swimming (only 2 years) and it takes me about 45-50 sec to do one lap in a 20m pool (40M)  I swim for cross training and don't mind the xtra workout going against the current gives me but I sure do get tired...then theres the swimming with tthe current which takes me no effort (but sure does feel nice).


    Which lanes do i get the best swim workout in?  does anyone else swim in a pool with a current? 


    Thanks for any feedback you can offer...

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      the pool I swim in doesn't have a current with or against the flow of swimming, but it does have currents across the lane  If I'm on the outside lanes, I feel like I'm all over the lanes, alternately getting pushed away and sucked toward the wall as I go by the jets and inlets. 


      Yours sounds like a great way to PR in the 25m free!


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        I say if you can warm up in the middle and then move to the outside.    I think the hill analogy is good, and in running hills make you strong.   Sounds like rolling hills to me!  Work on form on the downstream, swim hard on the upstream

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          I also train at an indoor 4 lane pool and have noticed that there definitively is a current. Especially in one of the outside lanes. I notice it more when doing some drills that are slower and when kicking with a board.

            I'm a swimmer by default and only pretend to run (triathlete by choice).


            Teams always structure their faster swimmers on the internal lanes for exactly this reason - there is less water disturbance in the middle of the pool. On the wall lanes you're always going to have water sloshing around (assuming they are solid walls and not the kind that allow water to pass through) that will make it more difficult to swim straight/effectively/with good form/etc.


            If you're just swimming for a workout then this isn't a problem. Likewise, if you're training for open-water swimming, this is not an entirely bad idea. But if you're concerned about your form, trying to learn better form, trying to swim faster, etc., you should swim towards the middle if you are able.


            Let me guess - is it an LA Fitness?

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              thanks everyone for the feedback...  I will not even think about it and just use the lane that is available...it will be a good way to mix up my swimming...


              girman..what a picture i have in my head of you swimming and getting sucked to and fro


              Ennay, that is exactly what I have started to do...


              RunB..thanks for the feedback, it is nice to know that I am not alone.  At first I thought I was imagining it...but I was such a smooth swimmer with the current that I knew it had to be something!


              Allisonware it is a Sports Club LA...

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