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    Customize event listing---Can you add States to available.

    Customize event listing


    You can customize which data columns you wish to see by moving columns from the Available Columns list to the Display Columns list. You can also arrange the order in which they're displayed.

    The first column will be used to sort the results.

    Available Columns   Display Columns  
    <select>  <option selected="selected" value="205" />Date of Week   <option value="86" />Effort   <option value="202" />Energy   <option value="23" />Equipment   <option value="82" />Heart Rate: Average   <option value="83" />Heart Rate: Max   <option value="81" />Heart Rate: Rest   <option value="24" />Interval Name   <option value="25" />Notes   <option value="60" />Race: Field Placement   <option value="61" />Race: Field Size   <option value="66" />Race: Gender Placement   <option value="67" />Race: Gender Size   <option value="63" />Race: Group Max Age   <option value="62" />Race: Group Min Age   <option value="64" />Race: Group Placement   <option value="65" />Race: Group Size   <option value="84" />Sleep   <option value="201" />Speed   <option value="101" />Temperature   <option value="13" />Time of Day   <option value="203" />VO2 Max   <option value="80" />Weight  </select> move right <select>  <option selected="selected" value="12" />Date   <option value="10" />Activity   <option value="22" />Course   <option value="11" />Workout Type   <option value="20" />Distance   <option value="21" />Duration   <option value="200" />Pace   <option value="85" />Quality  </select> move up
    remove move down
    <input id="ctl00_ctl00_ctl00_SiteContent_PageContent_TrainingLogContent_Save_s" class="Small Blue" name="ctl00$ctl00$ctl00$SiteContent$PageContent$TrainingLogContent$Save_s" type="submit" value="Save" />  

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