Yet another boston donation site, is this legit? (Read 137 times)


    I'm not promoting it, I'm asking. It doesn't actually ask for a donation but only ask you to log miles, I'm not sure I really understand how this works even given their explanation, some kind of marketing thing? (getting your email info and sending you junk mails or something?) I have not signed up, I want to figure out what this is first...




    MTA: The direct link is http://www.plus3network.com/signup/boston

      """"Run for Boston! Running Warehouse, Hoka Running and the Plus 3 charity network will contribute up to $9,000 to One Fund Boston, the official charity set up to help people affected by the tragedy"""


      Don't know.  Looks fishy to me.  No matter how much they raise, 9,000 is the upper limit? There are many sites out there, and many of them convincing, but only a few are genuine.  Why not give to a site where 100% of the money goes where intended?


      It is unfortunate, but every time there is a tragedy, sites and links "spring up" hoping to grab folks who want to give and collect some quick cash.  Most of those folks make what they can in a few days, then shut the site down and disappear, often never prosecuted.  Others give "some" of the money (10%?) to the charity, and bankroll the rest.  Others say they will send a certain percentage, but send nothing.


      For anyone wanting to donate, I would research and be 100% sure the site you give through is a 100% valid one.  Does anyone know if the press released any official ways to give yet???

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        I just plan to find time to run with local running friends (some who were there and some who were not) for solidarity-type purposes and give what I can to the Red Cross. Pretty simple, you get to help a little, get a little of what you need and you don't have to vet anybody.

          I'm not 100% sure how it works either, but it had popped up on my FB feed the other day, so just did some homework. (I "liked" Hoka awhile ago)


          It looks like you log your runs or whatever including the word "Boston" in the title on this page


          I'm not sure how the $ are figured or if the $ posted is the amount donated. Like I'm not sure why GPS earned $6.95 and others earned $.68 for 3 miles. The kudos and "raised" amount do not appear to be related. It sounds like Hoka and RunningWarehouse donate that amount to the cause, but not sure. (you yourself just run and don't have to donate money, I think, but not sure)


          Here's the story of Plus 3 network and their FB page.


          Here's The One Fund Boston pagewhere you can donate directly or find out more here.


          I think it's legit. (I'll probably do something more direct.)

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