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    This site has given me more valuable free advise than I ever dreamed of. Stinking magazine I get (the big name running one) is $12/year. Not paying for it ever again- no real benefit. Why should I spend $$ on a magazine, especially when they post most of their articles online anyway at their website. So, I took the plunge and donated for the first time. Started here April 2008. Visit this website multiple times DAILY and log (RA addict) Big grin Merry Christmas Eric btw- the Mega Millions jackpot is 207 million this week- if I win, I'll send a slightly larger donation Wink MTA: sorry, I didn't win, but someone here in Ohio did... so I guess you stuck with what little I sent you for now

    started running @ age 48 [lost 70#+, quit a 30 year pack/day habit>> ran HM]  Ran a few years then quit. Gained 70#+ back and smoking like before. Time to get healthy again @ 52 years over with the C25K program and beyond again. RE-start date 1-13-14


      Donate a nickel. Don't freeload. You at spend loads on racing...
      hear here!!

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          Hi Eric, .... just fulfilled one of my "to-do's" of the new year, namely to contribute Smile Thanks !!! Big grin

          Targets 1) No injuries 2) Keep having fun 3) Some kind of PR

            I log my miles. I pay attention to the weekly/monthly mileage and that is about it. I am not really into the graphs and reports and such. Until now. I just graphed a few things, ran a few reports...I can't believe how great they are! The reason I got ITBS leaped off the page...the fact that I ran more miles last year, more miles over 100/month last year and that was not the year I ran a marathon, also eye opening... ...if ever there were a reason to donate again, this is it. Thanks so much!
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              Eric, I am like a kid with ADD when it comes to running websites and storing my information. My interest is never kept for very long and I would move on to another site and start over. But with this one it's not the case. I have been storing my information for well over a year now and the itch to move on has not surfaced. This site has everything that I can think of that I need as a runner and now I can even import my Garmin information...wo-hoo! Thank you for your time and considerable effort in maintaining this website. My donation to your website is just a small token of my appreciation. Penny
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                I found this site, because I saw cool graphs on so I tried to figure out what program that was. This is a great site, and even though there is no linux support for the garmin from this site I am still happy with the site. I am a grad student so I don't have money to donate, but I did thumbs up on stumble upon.


                  Hey Eric, Instead of putting in ads, what about putting affiliate links to products of interest? For example, many people might purchase running equipment (particularly stuff other than shoes) online ... you could have a page where people could rate/rank their preferences, and if they clicked the link it would go to a low cost vendor (and you would get a percent). The key is making the products page more than just a bunch of links. If RA users can interact and "vote" on the best products, you have a BIG winner. Instead of being an annoyance, I think users would actually value this. I'd love to know the top-rated monitors, vests, windbreakers, hats, etc. according to fellow runners instead of always going to Amazon or similar sites to try to wade through the junk.
                    I migrated to this site after Cool Running merged with Active and went downhill. I'm glad it did, as this site and the people here are much better. I keep saying I'm going to contriibute, but I don't have a Paypal account Account. If you send an snail mail address to me @, I'd like to send you a contribution. Larry


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                      You don't need paypal if you have a google account.

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                        I just want to say, Eric, you're an awesome site designer!! (from an I.T. guy)

                        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                          Thank you.

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                            Hey Eric, I tried to find this question on the thread but was scanning quickly. If you were to divide the total cost for keeping this site going (including all your goals for the site and your personal time spent) among the approximate number of active users (probably a hard number to pin down), about how much money per user per year would the contribution be?

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                              Is it June already!  I Donated.  Oh,  on second thought I was supposed to donate in July. Oh well!

                              $100 a year. In case some was one interested. Less than 2 pair of running shoes.

                              Run until the trail runs out.

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                               The pain that hurts the worse is the imagined pain. One of the most difficult arts of racing is learning to ignore the imagined pain and just live with the present pain (which is always bearable.) - Jeff

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                                For many, that is less than ONE pair of running shoes.