Sore spot above ankle (peroneal tendon?) (Read 95 times)

    Hi everyone! About six weeks ago I tripped and fell on a trail run and tweaked my right ankle, which was sore for a few days after, including the peroneal tendon above the ankle. It wasn't swollen and it didn't hurt while running, so I just iced it and otherwise carried on as usual and the pain was gone in a few days. I didn't think any more about it until last week, when I was massaging my calf and noticed a sore spot about 2 inches above my ankle bone on the outside, so likely the peroneal tendon again. It doesn't hurt at all when I run or walk; I only feel it if I massage that spot. And it doesn't feel any worse after running. It's just...there. Seems like it never quite healed after the ankle-tweaking incident.


    Should I worry about this? Is there anything specific I should be doing for it that I haven't thought of yet? I am diligent about fexibility and strengthening for the lower leg, feet and ankles, I foam roll and massage every day, I started icing it again but that doesn't seem to do much. I haven't gone full-on RICE because it doesn't seem that bad (and also I hate ibuprofen, it messes with my stomach) but maybe I'm not taking it seriously enough.


    What would you do??

      It's probably weird and gauche to bump my own thread that nobody commented on, but I figured out that my stubborn sore ankle spot is somehow related to a sore spot at the top of my calf behind my knee (google sez: popliteal muscle or tendon). The top of calf spot also only hurts when I apply pressure...and after massaging it, the ankle spot miraculously improves. I discovered this last weekend by accident. Have taken this week really easy for other reasons; hopefully the relative rest + helpful top of calf massage will sort this out for good. I read that tight hamstrings can lead to popliteal issues so I'm trying to stretch those gently as well.


      anyway...just on the off chance that this helps anyone dealing with similar issues.