Is it worth running a 10K race in May (Read 372 times)

Man in Tights

    I usually run 2 10Ks a week. I've registered for a 10K race in May.

    During my practice runs i usually clock sometime between 48-50 mins.

    While running a HM race I usually take somewhere between 45 - 46 mins.

    My best time is 44:08 which was 6 years ago which included a tough hill.

    The race course is a flat one.

    While I'm training at about 35 mpw  at around a 8mins./mile pace (i can run faster if need be) can I realistically hope to run a sub 45 min race. If not I'll just duck it. There is no point travelling 800 miles just to finish in 47 mins. 

    Should I go for it. What say?

      The travelling 800mi to a 10K race part seems a little nuts, but if you're running 48min and change twice in three days, I'd say 45 is close.

      The two things I'd add a little bit of during this month is:


      1. on-pace  or just a hair faster (4:20-4:30/km -   6:56- 7:12 /mile, I guess) running in intervals or tempo-type runs (they'll be shorter and faster than what you're currently calling tempo in your log, obviously - maybe 5K in 23 min?)
      2. Longer long runs - stretch one run a week out close to or beyond 20km. You haven't gone further than 12km since your half marathon in November.

      I might eliminate the 10K 'tempo' runs. Add 5K of warm up and cool down to that 5K in 23-25 and you've got a better workout, unless those are just to fit into time available. 

      Man in Tights

        Let me give it a bash. Thanks.