Finally happens: Runners sue organizers for unsafe extreme mudrun course (Read 973 times)


    I suppose at some point some lawyer will successfully argue that regardless of the waiver the organizers must make specific obstacle risks clear and not obscure them, or that the organizers made a deliberate attempt to injure.  I think though that the more likely outcome will be regions not issuing permits when the consequences start burdening the local community.  I also suspect insurance companies will start paying attention to these things to.


      Here's a link with the x-ray of the repaired ankle  (not a femur in sight Big grin)




      They are claiming "gross negligence" or the "absence of slight care".


        What else is going to happen. People should know when then enter a race whats in store

        Snarl snarl.

          Those waivers can be beaten, but it's not easy. In most jurisdictions, there's a fairly strong presumption that the waiver is valid--overcoming it requires something close to a finding a fraud.


          I have no interest in participating in something like this. The main reason I race is to compete against myself and to try to do better than last time. These events are all so different that you can't compare performance on one to another. Even if the course were identical, the people ahead of you would have a huge impact on your time, too. Those folks make the run-walkers who line up in the <3 hour corral at a marathon look like nothing.

            Did I mention that they're a lot of fun too? Big grin


            I'm with you on this - obstacle runs are the only reason I started running, and the only reason I've stuck with it. Historically, I've never liked the idea of "just" running - it always seemed extremely boring, but when I found out about obstacle runs - those sounded like fun. So I started running, and I've almost started to enjoy "just" the running part - I could even possibly see myself doing a HM, someday. But for now, I'm still mainly focused on obstacle runs, and the occasional "normal" 5k or 10k. Smile

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