Just a run? (Read 556 times)


    For those of us that are just out there running, or don't really divide our runs for the most part into intervals, fartleks, long and short, etc. might you add a "run" category, or "general" or "just a run" something that signifies it's not a training run or specialized run. For instance, most all of my runs go like this: crawl out of bed, fumble in the dark for running gear and keys, start running. If I feel fast that day, I'll pick it up, same with if I feel like using a lot of effort or not. Just a thought. thanks.
      Finbarr, You can create your own run types by doing the following: 1. click on the Options link (upper right hand corner of every page) 2. click on "My Log Preferences" 3. click on "Running" 4. add your own run type in an empty field. eric Smile

        beautiful. thanks.