Running Slogan Shirts - What do you think? (Read 1167 times)

    I would love some feedback (good and bad) on my website and shirts. I am a runner and thought it would be fun to make some shirts that I think of on my long runs. We sell just enough to lose money each month! Tongue We are trying to decide whether to invest in some technical shirts or shut 'er down... http://www.irun262.com Thanks!

    12 Monkeys

      Runners will buy technical shirts. You have no close up pics on your website, so I don't know what I'd be buying. Fix this and you may sell more shirts.
        Putting in a hyper link to the site. You can click on each shirt in the SHOP to see a close up. Thanks for the feedback. We are definitely just learning how to do this... www.irun262.com
          I've seen your site before actually and had the same reaction as Trent re: tech shirts. I love the designs but wouldn't buy unless they were tech shirts. Smile

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            Need some colors - white is boring! And some girlie sayings......
              I agree with what most have said Has to be a Tech shirt Needs colour and some sort of graphics Some kind of font that doen't look like times New Roman, and ironed on If I was going to buy a shirt online I'd probably buy Eric's shirts........Sorry!!

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                nothing new from what has been said but here is it... - long sleeve technical shirt - selection of colors, not just plain white like the phrases though!
                keep running!

                  I have so many t-shirts they don't all fit in my drawer. I can't imagine paying for a cotton t-shirt. If you are looking to find a unique niche then look for some unique material. I don't own one yet, but I've been hearing a buzz about technical clothing made from bamboo. Victor