Syncing with other services (Read 133 times)

Francois Nel

    It would be very nice if you could start integrating with other services like Strava, Garmin Connect, etc.

    I personally would very much like to stay on your site, because it has many features that none of the other services has (especially for the reporting and the amount of detail you can capture here on RunningAHEAD). But then again there is allot of other social interactions on other sites, that you do not have yet.

    For security, I would love that you integrate directly with these services, but (as a software engineer myself) I know time and resources is never on your side. So, I found a 3rd party service that already does this, call Tapiriik (an opensource project). All you need to do is, contact the developer and try get a link to RunningAHEAD.

    I think if you do this, allot of the outstanding feature requests would be covered (temporarily). And you would really help open your app to the social trend we see with these services the last few years.

      I'w with you, brother, here's how you can help!

      Runners run.