How do I race well in a multi-race series? (Read 372 times)

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    Hit a new age group, 50+, this year, would like to take first place in 2013 (got a runner-up in 2011). There's currently one woman in this AG who is faster than me, enough so that I need to put in an honest effort to beat her.


    There are 15 events, mostly 5Ks and 10Ks, summer is off. This year's schedule (it's nearly the same every year):http://www.proracegroup.com/valley12.html


    Any advise about how to structure the year? I really have zero idea how to do this right, other than to NOT get injured.

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      Focus on just 3 of each point category.  Take the other 2 of each category easy or skip 'em.  Try to prepare optimally for the 30 point races - including cutting back your training the few days to 1 week leading up to each 30 point race.  You may be able to cut back less for the 20 point races and just train through the 10 point races.  It's a lot of races, and they can't all be your best efforts.  And with so many races, there have to be some weeks in there where you're training well without worrying about resting up for an upcoming race.  - just my 2 cents - others may have other stragegies...

      (this is all assuming you only score with your best 3 of 5 of each category)

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        I think you just run as many as you can, prioritize showing up for the 30 point races and hope for the best. In a race series like that so much of it is just who else shows up in your age group. How you perform relative to your own PRs etc is really far down the list of things that will affect the outcome. 15 races in a year including a lot that are 5k and under is not a terribly large number.  Physically it should not be an issue.

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          Try Tonya Hardings approach to beating someone better then you.


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