Call for R2R2R folks 11/18-11/25 (Read 343 times)

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    Who's up for an R2R2R (Grand Canyon Rim to Rim and back) South - North - South

    I am heading to Vegas for the week of 11/18-11/25. I plan on watching the weather for the best day once I get there.


    I prefer not to run during the weekend (crowds), but if weather dictates I will.


    Whichever day is best I'll travel to the south rim and stay at the Red Feather that night. Then make the attempt early the next morning.


    If anyone finds this to be good timing and a fun journey, let me know and we can try together.


    I'm not an ultra guy, and I have no illusion of setting any records, I have a pretty wide time band of between 11 and 15 hours.

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