Use of Log (Read 584 times)

    I'm new to RunningAHEAD and had a question about the log feature. I did 3x1 mile reps. yesterday with a 1 mile warmup and a mile cooldown. I used the interval feature to record my reps and the time I ran them in. When I hit "save" the intervals were the only thing recorded for my total distance ran for the day. My warmup and cooldown miles were not indicated. I changed the total miles at the top of the log to "5" miles for the day, but my mile average for my intervals then was off (Yes, I wish I could run a 3:30 mile!!). Any way to record your intervals and times and also record any other running you may do before and after the workout without messing up the average time for the intervals? Any advise is appreciated. Thanks, Chris
      runman1984, The running log only understands a workout in its most basic form. Warm ups and cool downs are separate from the actual workout itself and should be logged as individual runs. You have to log them separately because it faciliates searching and graphing. eric Smile
        Thanks Eric, Little more work but it makes sense. Chris