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    Hey! Still kickin...


      I trained for boxing a long time ago. It's a different animal. You go anaerobic quickly if you're not in shape.


      p90 is rather basic. It doesn't have many of the explosive moves that p90x has.

      What would some of the cardio look like? What kind of exercises?


      EDIT: Well, I just found some vids on p90 cardio. Wth, maybe I don't understand what "cardio" means, but those exercises didn't even look like cardio exercises. Or strength training. So I'm not sure what they are. Maybe you are better off skipping them.


        Hey! Still kickin...


        Glad to know it.

        "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus

          If you're over 40 (like me) then also consider that you're in a use it or lose it situation with upper body muscles. actually, I think sarcopenia starts to have an impact as early as your 20s, and then it's about 1% a year  muscle loss in the absence of weight training.


          not a direct correlation there between weight training and running performance I suppose. but lots of other benefits for a very minimal investment of time....I find that three 15 minute upper body sessions per week is more than enough.


          mta: should probably have said strength training rather than weight training.

          Right on Hereford...


            I'm surprised nobody contradicted this yet, so I will. I would do 15 minutes of core work 3x per week instead of the same amount of running if I had to choose. Having a strong core (hips/back/abs) is critical to running the marathon well.


            By the way, if you're wondering what runners should do for core work, here is an excellent tutorial: