Your favorite running-related gift? (Read 813 times)

    I got 2 pair - black for trails and white for roads - of Injinji toe socks. These are supposed to prevent toe blisters, which I get regularly when running longer distances. Very cool! Big grin Can't wait to use them! I gave my husband, also a runner, the latest mini Ipod shuffle and the Garmin 205 GPS, to replace our old Garmin 201 What other cool gifts were going around this year?
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      GPS and under armour, and possibly something else tonight, those socks sound awesome actually, wouldnt mind getting a pair of those
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        Nice running socks make a great gift for ANY runner! (hint, hint) Big grin

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          I got a Garmin 205 (didn't even know DH knew about those!), fuel belt, and a couple of pairs of shorts.


            Garmin 305, and a new pair of shoes! Big grin
              Wow, lots of new Garmin owners. I'm predicting an upflow of traffic in the Gears & Wears forum as questions arise ....

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                I bought my wife a Forerunner 205 which I actually gave her early. She just recently started running, but hasn't been running regularly nor recently. I've been "borrowing" the FR 205 and I actually have a lot more miles and time on it that she has :-) I plan to get by own FR 305 in the 1-2 months to replace my Polar S625X. I much prefer the FR for running than the S625X.


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                  Pink iPod Nano...and I got my MIL and brother (and someone else who posts here and has been AWOL, so she probably won't see this, anyhow) some Smartwool running socks. k

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                    The Garmin FR 205 I bought myself prior to Christmas. (I temporarily decided I should celebrate the jewish holiday instead, capitalizing on the opportunity to acquire my running toys sooner.) I also bought like 8-10 running books on Half.com for like a buck a piece.
                      I definitely had a running Christmas. Smile I got an Underarmour l/s shirt, a Mizuno l/s shirt, a couple other l/s shirts, a Mizuno pullover, lots of running socks, pepper spray, a reflective band/ blinky thing for running at night, a pair of new shoes, an ipod and that nike+ thing and a fleece jacket with that gore technology to make it windproof and a pair of Goretex gloves. And my stocking was full of Jelly Belly Sport Beans. Big grin I asked everyone I knew for running stuff. LOL! Teresa
                        Got a pair of Asics Gel-Landreths. It was kind of unexpected but always nice to get new sneaks. It's nice to have a sister who works for a running specialty store.

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                          I got a Road ID! Smile And I love it - esp since I'll be starting to run longer training runs on the weekends that will keep me out for a couple hours as I continue to build mileage...
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                            Got a pair of Asics Gel-Landreths.
                            My favorite model of running shoes ever. Awesome shoes, though the mesh is notsogood if you step in a puddle or run in the snow. Your toes get cold. I got a gym membership, which is definitely one of the best things for my running (or what's left of it after just returning from half a year away from it).
                              My Polar RS200 and the charms my kids got me for my italian bracelet. One is a runner the other is a weight lifter.

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                                Got a Fuel Belt! Big grin Sure, I had to help Santa figure out where to get it... but more than worth it since my leaking Camelback bit the dust earlier this month. Roll eyes

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