I did it! longest run to date! And my fastest! (Read 845 times)

    Yippie! I am doing a 13 week learn to run schedule. Although I wasn't exactly sedentary before I started (I played hockey 3 - 5 games a week as a goalie) I didn't really watch what I was eating (beer, chocolate are still my downfalls) and so after a few weeks of no hockey due to an injury I finally decided enough was enough and went back to a book my DH bought me a while ago (DH thinks I'm crazy but goes along with pretty much anything I want to do). Last week I started week 6. It is supposed to be: walk 1 minute run 5 minutes x 8 plus 5 minutes each warm up and cool down. I did 5 cycles okay but just died during the 6th. Day 1 is the hardest of the three days for each week so I did Days 2 and 3 and then re-attempted Day 1 today. And I did it! I stayed on the treadmill so I could watch the olympics (love housesitting at mom and dads!) and because I just haven't had time to figure out the d&^&ed garmin yet. I varied the speed so that I wouldn't get too hung up on it. Went between 4.1 and 4.5 for the run. And my second half was faster than the first half! I did add an extra minute in the middle (to turn on the air conditioning) Dropped down to 3 for the walk. yippie! Now I'm watching a friend interview one of the Canadian divers on the CBC and then I'm gonna go jump in the shower. If what I eat the night before is to be followed though I'm in trouble! Pizza and beer!

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    Chris UK

      Good for you and keep going. Just over 2 years ago I was in the couldn't run half-a-mile league so consistency will reap rewards if you stick at it.


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        Good for you. Nice to hear of another crazy person goalie on here. If you ever figure out a way to run and play hockey on the same day without being awful in net, let me know.
          Thanks. I think I'm a little excited because I couldn't do it last week. As for playing in net ... I meet with the surgeon on Friday and he should let me know my chances for returning. I missed this summer's season and I might miss most of next year too as non-emergency surgery can take a while to schedule. My wrists are kinda wonky - they're both pretty bad CTS but the right (stick side) is miserable.

          First or last...it's the same finish line

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            Nice job, redleaf! Like Chris said, consistency is the name of the game! Big grin

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              One day at a time

                Way to go! Keep up the great work.

                  Well done Redleaf, Keep it up and soon you'll be running a few miles at a time.
                    Thanks everyone. I know I can do the rest of week 6 so I looked ahead and Day 1 of week 7 is: walk 1 minute run 10 minutes x 5 needless to say I'm a little anxious about the whole thing (go ten minutes in a row? and then do it again? ha!). DH and I bought a new place recently (our first actually... anyway) and there's a squash court downstairs so we went and bought starter racquets today and everything. So now I am supposed to add squash to the mix. I've never played squash in my life. Ever. So I did what I do. I bought a book! hehehe okay back to the women's triathlon...

                    First or last...it's the same finish line

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                    One day at a time

                      Just don't get down on yourself if you CAN'T do what the program calls for. I had to repeat several of the Couch to 5K weeks. I didn't care, because I was still improving each week. I got there eventually!


                        Just don't get down on yourself if you CAN'T do what the program calls for. I had to repeat several of the Couch to 5K weeks. I didn't care, because I was still improving each week. I got there eventually!
                        She is dead on. I had to repeat many weeks in C25k. Congratulations on your progress--it is a feat to get out there and work through the program. Brag often! Chris

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