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    What kind of aqua jogger do you have?

    Run until the trail runs out.

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      When I "pool run" I just use the "belts" at the local Y - nothing fancy - but enough to keep me afloat.

      I look my best blurry!

        The belts are too bulky for me but might be fine for men. The belts make me hold my arms out too far. I use 2 smaller ankle or wrist wraps velcroed together or nothing. It also makes you work a little harder to stay above water. Either way it is important not to lean too far forward. It changes the biomechanics and can cause back strain.

          My wife has various brands, both for herself and the folks she teaches.


          Aquajogger, Aquasun, Watergym, Theraband and probably others. Theraband is the one she seems to use most often.


          Finding a pool deep enough is important for someone of your height. 5 ft won't really do it.


          I'd suggest finding a pool where they have various brands and try them out for comfort and flotation.

          The process is the goal.

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            I go to the local pool and ask for a belt, and they give me a pink one. 


            I can do it without the belt, but I work my hands weird to try to keep my head above water. Plus, I find the belt goes across my belly in just the right way to get a really good core workout. I was sore for 2 days after my first 90 minute pool run with the belt.


            Back in college we had a guy that wore basically a life vest  He preferred that, but I think it would bug my arm pits.



            Getting back in shape... Just need it to be a skinnier shape... 


              I started with a belt, but quickly preferred using nothing -- just effort - to stay afloat.  It's hard at first, but gets easier.  As another poster said, try to remain upright -- don't lean forward.  There are some good internet articles by Pete Pfitzenger on pool running technique plus a workout schedule.  Intervals make the time go by faster!  (So does talking/pool running with friends!)  You can even do Tabata intervals for a quck but tough workout.