Sub-20 Goal for 5k (2012) (Read 5412 times)

    Hey Troy, you can take me off of the list (MrPHinNJ).  I am back on the shelf for who knows how long and cannot see making it to sub 20, at least not this year.


    Thanks for organizing the thread.


    Sure thing. Sorry to hear you're on the shelf...hope all is well soon!

    It should be mathematical, but it's not.

      5/5/2012  Dutch Days 5k    20:15


      Wasn't really an attempt to go sub 20. This is my final week of marathon training and have little to no speed work. I'm looking forward to training specifically for shorter distances. 

        The Cure is Coming 5k. 19:56.5. 4th in AG, 11th OA. a 1:45 PR. An emotional day. More in my race report in my log entry. 


        L Train

          The Cure is Coming 5k. 19:56.5. 4th in AG, 11th OA. a 1:45 PR. An emotional day. More in my race report in my log entry. 





            Well done EGH3. Great report too.

              Awesome job George!

              Those who try, fail! Those who do what it takes to succeed, succeed!!

                Nice Job'll blow your old marathon pr out of the water!

                  Congrats EGH, a goal well realized! My race was the Kelly's Grief center 5k, proceeds obviously supporting the work they do at the counseling center. The course has a fast downhill first mile - the split was called at 5:48 he was a few seconds behind my watch and I knew the terrain would skew the first split, but felt that the pace was the right amount of discomfort and that I could hold the effort through 3.1 miles. The second mile climbs back up to approximately the same elevation as the start through 1.5 then goes out and back on a relatively flat section. Small climb to start the final full mile rolling down hill to 2.5 climbing back up to 2.75 and then a nice longish descent to the finish. PR @ 19:08. Surprised myself a bit, I've not raced a whole lot, so wasn't sure what kind of gains I would have made over the last year or so especially at the 5k. I'm glad to have a benchmark to start this summer as I focus on increasing speed at this distance for my target 5k in late July.

                    Thanks everyone. Nice work gitgantraining. You killed it. Slo, it;s right there for you. I have to admit that I think my course was short. But you can only race the course they mark.  



                      i hit 20:59 back in Feb. but shortly after took a much too long break. i'm hoping to get back in the swing of things now to give it a decent shot by fall.

                        CliveF -- 12MAY2012 -- Run Wild 5k


                        Not focused strongly on breaking 20, but that seems to be about where my 5k race pace should be these days.  So yeah, I'll take a whack at it.

                        19:44.0 -- FINALLY!


                        Friends from the local running group were running, including one guy who figured he'd be capable of about mid-19.  We ran more or less together -- he'd gap me on the downhills (where I'm weak), and I'd reel him back in on the uphills -- and were shoulder to shoulder with 100m to go.  We'd agreed beforehand that even if we'd worked together, it's a race -- every man for himself at the finish.  I switched gears hard at 150m out, figuring his much younger legs put me at a disadvantage.  He matched me but never got back ahead.


                        I doubt I could have run that hard, or that evenly, without him there for first 4800+ meters.

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                          Nice job, Cliff!  


                          I'd like to throw my hat in the ring, as well.  I'm going for it, probably on May 24.

                          Tick tock

                          L Train

                             Very nice!



                            19:44.0 -- FINALLY!



                            L Train




                               I'm going for it, probably on May 24.


                                Nice Job Clive.


                                Congrats !