The satellite view has gone? (Read 406 times)

    I haven't been running for a few weeks, and it was a nice surprise to find the log updated after my first run of the new year (My best wishes to all of you!). However, when I wanted to map my run, I couldn't get a satellite view of the area anymore, only a map-view. This is a pity, since many paths I use are not visible in the map view, only on the satellite pictures. Edit: should have looked a bit further... the drop-down menu has moved from the top-left to the top-right corner. Stupid me...

    Running in Belgium




    eric :)

      Hi Ann-V, I moved the location of the button because many new users expect the buttons to be on the map itself. Since Google now supports a dropdown menu for map types, I can move it back to reduce the number of emails I get on this issue. Happy New Year! eric :-)