Question About Ads (Read 117 times)

    I'm not opposed to seeing ads (I donated already) but every time I click to show my ads, this is the only one I get:


    RunningAHEAD.com is free for everyone to use but its servers cost money to operate.

    Please consider purchasing an Ad Free Subscription to support continuing development of RunningAHEAD.com


    Is there something I need to change? I kind of like seeing what interesting things show up. Plus, I figure every click helps support RA. Big grin

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      Almost sounds like you may be running an ad-blocker in your browser. Otherwise the ads would appear to the right of the forum messages.  [over there --->>]

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        Thank you for your support!  This message appears if the ads are somehow blocked.  For example, IE9 blocks certain JavaScripts that are deemed to track you.  If you have AdBlock on FireFox, it will block the ads too.


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