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    Had a good race today. I had a goal of breaking 1:30 for the Half Marathon and came in right at 1:27:00. I did the race on a recomendation by a friend who wanted me to go with him. We drove down Wed. and endured the change from central to eastern time. The race started at 7:00 EST and so that tranlated to starting at 6 for what we were used to. We had to ride Marta from the finish to the start which took a little while and we had to walk a little from our hotel to the finish as well. It was cold when we boarded Marta(35) but there was not much of a wind so it was pleasante enough. I decided to wear a short sleeved compression shirt with a singlet over it for some extra warmth and some arm warmes and gloves. It ended up being almost perfect as once I started to run the temps were perfect. The course is a series of big rollers and it seemed like most of it was downhill to me except for some pretty tough hills at the 7.5 mile mark and then around 12 miles. The finish is really great as you crest a hill then have a kick friendly downhill under the olympic rings and right in front of Turner field. The medal was okay, the food was minimal, but the race support staff was excellent and made it a wonderful experience. I would definately do this race again so that's a positive review I guess. The shirt was also very nice tech. shirt with colors of the Weather Channel who sponsored the race with the ATL track club.

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      Good for you! That's a great time. I was there running the full. Of course, with your race starting in a different place 30 minutes earlier and my race being, well, longer, I'm sure you were showered and napping by the time I lumbered in. What a nice day. Nice to have The Weather Channel as a sponsor.


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        What a nice day. Nice to have The Weather Channel as a sponsor.
        I hear the Weather Channel girl was hot. Good to see you SR.

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          She was!