Cortisone Shot In Heel (Read 197 times)


    Okay. So I got a cortisone shot in my heel.  Was told to take 2-5 days off running. I forgot to ask if I can do anything else?


    I'd rather the cortisone have maximum effectiveness and minimum downside than exercise for a few days... but so long as it's a zero sum gain I'd rather do something. 

    Swimming is out.


    Bicycling okay?  Elliptical?  Pilates?

    Any experience? 


      Was this for plantar fasciitis?   I would think yoga, pilates or weight lifting would be fine.  Bike may be tricky unless you use rigid shoes?


      Running is stupid

        I have nothing to add other than jealousy. Let me know how the shot works out. My heel has been hurting for weeks with no improvement & I'm officially over it. I would call the Dr. & ask, just to be sure about what activities are safe.

        I don't half-ass anything


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          I got a cortisone shot in my heel at the end of august for PF.  I was told to take more time off than that, and to proceed VERY slowly.  In the interim, I did the recumbent bike and strength training....made out fine with both.  I'm still not back to where I was, and as a matter of fact, this week is the 1st week that it's really bothered me again, although not to the degree it was before the shot.  I'm taking a week off, because I do NOT want to go through that again (the pain of PF, not the shot).  Good luck.


            Oh, and was this some sort of quixotic notion to get a cortisone shot right after finishing a 50 mile race?  Big grin


            Running is stupid