Running through a Cold? (Read 435 times)

    A nasty little head/chest cold virus is making its way through the office and last Sunday after my long Saturday fling with the treadmill of death I began to feel that unpleaseant sctatchy throat that progresses to a cough and just feeling blah....I'm not sick, like mom's chicken noodle soup sick, but I definately am feeling a little under the weather with most of my congestion in my throat, sinuses and chest. One of my running partners, who shall remain nameless filled my noggin, with some statistical blather that there is no problem running through colds and that the severity of the cold or the quality of the run are not impacted. Well I've kept my training up and although my runs seem pretty solid with respect to time and effort my cold is definately not liking the running through part. Does anyone realy know the deal with colds and training?
      If you just feel horrible, don't run. There's always tomorrow. If you feel so-so, you may want to give it a try and see how it goes. If you feel worse as you go on, turn around, go home, and have the chicken noodle soup. If you feel better, keep going, but not too hard - you're sick, after all Smile.
        Lessons learned! Got sicker over the weekend. Yes mom's chicken noodle soup sick! In the future if I have to ask the question of Rest or run...rest will be the answer. I think tomorrow is going to be more like Wednesday this week for me...