Should I run through this? (Read 164 times)

    I had to take a few weeks off due to my back going out.  My wife wouldn't even consider letting me run and risk making it worse before my daughter's wedding.  Now my back is mostly healed, my daughter is married, and my achilles tendon on my left foot is sore.  It did not affect my stride when I last ran a couple of days ago, but it was very sore afterwards and is still sore after taking a day off yesterday.  I really hate the idea of missing another couple of weeks completely.  I have run through an achilles injury in the past by switching to every other day and icing it a few times a day.  I was ten years younger then and it seems like it is a little worse this time, but I am tempted to try it.  Has anyone had any bad results from doing that?


      I would start by doing eccentric calf raises(3 sets of 10 on each calf) and then gently stretch calf if no pain.  Then freeze some ice cups (dixie size)and do an aggressive ice massage and really get in where the pain is,  get both sides of the Achilles(7-10 minutes).  Do this 3 X a day for 2-3 days. After 3 days still do it at least one time a day, but it should be feeling better by then (crossing fingers) As for running, I would run lightly (3-5 miles if not changing your gait) and  make sure to do the eccentric and ice massage right after run.  Also, foam rolling in morning and at night.


      Good Luck

        Thanks Shawn.  I might try a five miler tonight then.  I really want to run.  I am currently on a business trip and staying in a hotel.  There is a beautiful river trail about a mile from the hotel where I did my last run.  I should be able to ice it up tonight after I run.  What do you mean by eccentric calf raises?  Is that the same as an eccentric heel drop?  I tried that the other day and it seemed to be irritating my achilles.

          I would always run if I could as well Smile

          It might be the same thing, but here is a video on eccentric calf raises.



          It seemed to help me, but I was doing the ice massage and rolling and stretching.  Also, Graston done on that area helps a lot but be warned it does hurt.  Make sure you find someone who knows how to do it correctly.

            Yeah, that is the same as the heel drops.  I am going to wait on those until the pain goes away as it seemed to be making the problem worse.  I don't know much about Graston, but it would probably have to wait until I get back from my trip anyways.

              To share my experience with tendonitis, there was a lot of trial and error.  I went for runs prepared to bag them at any time, and sometimes I had to do so after only a couple hundred feet.  Other times, I went farther, but very gingerly.  It seemed as though these trial runs, however short, were better than nothing.  I took two months completely off, and at the end of that time, didn't notice any improvement. Sad  In other words, you're just going to have to listen to your body to determine what works, and be patient.  I second the suggestions about regular, gentle stretches.

              Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                Thanks everyone!  I was only going to run five miles.  My achilles hurt for the first couple of miles, but then it loosened up and I didn't really notice it, so I went longer.  It is a little sore afterwards, but not as sore as it was after Monday's run.  I did run at a slower pace.  I think I will be able to run through it.


                  While cavaeting with the usual 'it depends', since the nature of the injury dictates the path, as someone who is no stranger to throwing his back out, I just go and adjust the runs as necessary, and it's never been necessary.  The worst I had was screwing it up a couple of days before my first half.  I had to pin my bib on by feel, and doing my shoes was more difficult than managing an Apollo launch event. I got through it fine, running always seems to help more than hurt but having a light has a lot to do with it.