Two stress fractures...what shoes to get? (Read 1008 times)

    I have had two stress fractures, one in the fall of 2006 and another a weeks later in 2007. I've been told by my doctor that I'm a severe over pronator. The guy at my running store told me the same thing. So, I'm wondering what brand/type of shoe any fellow over pronators suggest. Also, I weigh 120 pounds, if that matters. I've read good reviews on the ASICS Gel-Foundation 7...but any suggestions are welcome Thanks, Ryan

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      What shoes did the guy at the running store suggest?

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        paavoman, Didn't the guy at your running store make any recommendations? If not, you need to find a new store, one with specialists who can give you good advice. Anyway, as an overpronator myself, I can tell you that there are two models that I have had good luck with--the Asics Gel-Evolution, and the Brooks Beast. They are both motion-control shoes designed for moderate to severe overpronators. Try them out. Also look at the Asics 2120, which is designed for the mild overpronator.

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          I'm a flat footed overpronator...I was recommended The Beast and Asics Kayano. The Kayano 14 was just released, so you can find the 13 for a decent price. I just got a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 3's which are for low arches and they're feeling good right now to me (about 20 miles).

            I only know New Balance so I dont want to sound Bias. Here is what New Balance has to offer. The shoes I list will be in order of increased arch support and inner foot support. It also happens to be listed in price as well. All of the shoes listed are posted and for pronation/flat feet. New Balance 740 (new) built on the 767 award winning last ($79.99) http://www.nbannapolis.com/new_balance/advanced_search_result.html?keyword=740&search_in_description=1 New Balance 768 (new) update from the award winning 767 ($89.99) http://www.nbannapolis.com/new_balance/advanced_search_result.html?keyword=768&search_in_description=1 New Balance 858 (new) update from the 857 ($99.99) http://www.nbannapolis.com/new_balance/advanced_search_result.html?keyword=858&search_in_description=1 New Balance 1223 (new) update from the 1222 ($134.99) http://www.nbannapolis.com/new_balance/advanced_search_result.html?keyword=1223&search_in_description=1 These shoes are meant to help support your inner foot and arch. They are posted on the inside of the shoe. Motion control shoes are posted on both sides.


              I'll just throw in my 2 cents and give the advice that a lifetime runner gave me when I started running 3.5 years ago - "rotate through 3 or 4 different shoes to avoid stress fractures and other foot issues." So I have 4 or 5 road pairs and 4 pairs of trail shoes that I rotate through. While one pair is drying I move on to the next pair. It has worked for me... no foot issues at all. But I agree with the other posts, find a running store that can make a good recommendation.

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                i work in a Fleet Feet, its a specialty running store if you didnt know. And with all that said, the shoes i would bring out for you to try on are... Asics Kayano Mizuno Alchemy or Nirvana (which ever fits better) Brooks Trance New Balance 1223 And keep in mind that you should try all of these on first before picking one. I would hate for you to just randomly pick one, hate it, and blame it on me. Hope I was able to help out a little.
                  Any real running store will put you on a treadmill and record your feet while you run for a few minutes, then study the video and go over it with you. Then they will probably bring out a few pairs of shoes that they think will work best for you. Don't be afraid to put them on and go outside and jog around the parking lot. I used to have constant problems with shin splints until I got fitted for good shoes. I don't have any problems these days. Oh and one piece of advice which I admit was a little hard for me to follow at first, is forget what the shoes look like. Don't even consider it. I think alot of people choose a pair of athletic shoes that they think look cool then use them as running shoes. Big mistake.
                    Sorry for taking so long to reply...been busy with school projects lately. Thanks for all your suggestions. The guy at my local running store is actually VERY into running and does make recommendations but I wanted to do a little bit of outside research, hear from multiple people Once again, thanks for the quick and informative replies.

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                      My honest opinion is if you're that severe of an overpronator that you've had 2 stress fractures, you should really be in prespcription orthotics. I tried every motion control and stability shoe known to man and in addition to hating how they looked and felt, they never helped my shin splints or PF. Got into orthotics, and now RARELY have a problem and when I do, it's because of overuse and not mechanics.
                        Nike Triaxes are very supportive and, if I might add, very comfortable.