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    Ahhhhhh....... I am not running in Boston this year.  And recently wrote an article about Boston, since it is days away.  But it made me think about my experience running it 2 years ago.  One of my happiest memories with that race was that the crowd literally lined the street from hopkinton all the way to the finish.  best crowds i have ever seen; and they carried me the whole way.  every high-five and smiling face was amazing.


    what is your best memory of boston?  love.

    delicate flower

      I once saw Pedro pitch a complete game with 17 strikeouts.  Good times.


      Running Chick

        you're funny, baboon!  that is awesome!   love.


          I think I drove through Boston one time on my way to the airport.


          and vote for Pedro!

            For me, it was their first album. Still a classic.


              Yes the spectators are great!  If you wear your name where they can read it, they'll cheer for you by name.  Hundreds of times!


                The  time and temp sign on the bank around mike 23 that read 95

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                Running Chick

                  You guys are funny!!!!!!  from pedro to 95 degrees.  that is friggin' awesome!  thanks for making me laugh this saturday morning.  and yep, their first album ROCKED!  i still have it.  along with all my other albums..... haven't made the switch yet - had a hard enough time moving from 8 track to album again.  lol.  love.

                    My best Boston memory is the day my first daughter was born. She turns 16 next week...time flies.


                    And I applaud your wearing the Baystate 2008 shirt while running the 2008 Baystate half marathon in your profile pic, Chantel. I have some great and terrible memories of that old iron bridge in the background. Wearing the race shirt in the race gets a bad rap for no good reason.


                    As for the Boston Marathon? The nurses in the medical tent in '04 were very nice.

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                      My best memory was finishing the 88th Boston Marathon...........3:59:40  my goal was to beat 4 Hrs........was I ever close


                      However, I do get sad when I realize how long ago that was......

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                        Here's a few:

                        Boston was my first marathon. That's memorable in itself.

                        Hearing a spectator yell, "It's all downhill from here", when I crested Heartbreak while still looking for this monstrous hill that would bring me to my knees.

                        Having beef stew in the Prudential Center after the race with other finishers.

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                        Running Chick

                          keep 'em coming!  i love these.  and yes,mikeymike - i did wear the baystate shirt during baystate.  and i too have good and bad memories there.  but if they are willing to give me the shirt and feed me water and bananas and cheer for me, then i humbly wear their shirt!!!!  Wink


                          and Phidippides 3:59:40 -  is still a sub-4, baby!  love.

                            I registered for the 2011 edition of Baystate, got injured, and didn't run it. I still picked up the shirt and wear it. I'm sure that's against code somehow.


                            I've got no idea what my best Boston memory is. I could make a very long list, mostly fun and adventures with friends and family.

                              The best Boston memory I have is a cop pulled up beside me as I was driving from VA to my wife's families home in VT, and a cop on a motorcycle pulled alongside me and said:


                              "Pack the cah, Pack the cah!!"


                              I replied:  The car IS packed!  We are good to go officer!!


                              (Well, turns out, he was saying PARK the car, IE, Pull over because I was going too damn fast.)


                              Ah well....


                              What made it a good memory is that he let me off because he thought my southern accent was as odd as I thought his Boston accent was.


                              -----  That has not a damn thing to do with the actual Boston Marathon, but since I can't get in to that race on qualifying time (yet), I figured I'd share my best Boston Memory.    Big grin

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