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Strict WTF adherent

    I will finish it during the long drive to Tahoe this afternoon


    Drive? Like in a CAR?


    DW - Nice week. Jealous of your pants-free working environment.


    Sam - Good luck.


    My week, just trying to get back to running most days before really building back up:

    Mon - 4 easy with strides

    Tues - 4 fartlek-ish

    Wed - 4 easy

    Thurs - Off

    Fri - 4 easy

    Sat - 5 progression

    Sun - Weights


    Aspiring Hobby Jogger

      Congrats, Sam!

      PJ - Congrats on the HM.

      DWave - Another good week, I see.

      Beryl - Good luck on the race. I've used the Vanish-R for a 5k, and wouldn't hesitate using it in a 10k. I'd have to see how that went before trying it in a HM, or certainly a FM. I do with they were less flexible.
      There's a bit of alfalfa around where I grew up, or at least there used to be. Mostly wheat and cattle now, though some cotton in places. I would have figured square bales to be more labor intensive with how they're (locally, at least) loaded onto a trailer by hand, while round bales are (of course) always done with a tractor or pickup with bale-loader.

      Ace - Over that respiratory infection yet?

      RLK - How was the snow in near-Tahoe??


      Pesto - Isn't your little one about 1 now?

      Finally got in a solid week of running (6 days), and just shy of 40 miles. All easy, so nothing worth posting specifics of. Looking to start workouts this week again. I'm pretty psyched to be running consistently again!
      My sleep quality has improved lately thanks to DD3 finally sleeping through the night, and DD1 & DD2 have been getting along scarily well, also.

      5k: 18:25 10/19 (solo track TT) │ 10k: 38:56 4/18 │ HM: 1:24:16 11/19 │ M: 3:04:13 11/18


      Upcoming Races:


      Speed Surplus

        I suppose I'll start posting weeklies. Targeting a 5k in March and still waffling about signing up for Tunnel in August.


        I had a decent week, except for the part where I blew out the freehub on my ebike.


        <tfoot> </tfoot>
        Day Miles Pace Duration Description HR Egain Link
        Mon 18.6 3:17 1:01 Smooth and relatively dry 124 (67%) 998 strava
        Mon 6.3 3:14 0:20 Think I blew out my freehub 😒 120 (65%) 288 strava
        Tue 7.5 8:21 1:02 Actually was 7.0 but I walked 3 last night so I'm gonna call it even 133 (72%) 0 strava
        Wed 8.2 8:14 1:07 Rainy and my headphones stopped working, but otherwise good 144 (78%) 345 strava
        Thu 7.1 8:17 0:59 Starting to feel the fitness coming back... 145 (79%) 479 strava
        Fri 5.2 8:25 0:43 Friday night mill - had the gym to myself 139 (76%) 0 strava
        Sun 5.4 8:12 0:44 Solo dad most of the weekend - finally snuck one in 141 (77%) 317 strava
          58.3 6:08 5:58     2427

        5:27 / 19:03 / 40:32 / 88:12 / 3:12


          Pepperjack - did I miss the results of your race?  Was it 1:28 as you were gunning for?


          I got in a little over 40 miles last week.  Almost all of it very easy since this was my second week back from my 3 months on the shelf.  I did get to my clubs workout Sat which was a 2 man relay race of .66 miles each person, 4X.  I count it as an interval session.  I ran pretty comfortably for each interval though it was much faster than the rest of the weeks running (~8:30 vs 9:30).  Also got in a really nice, hilly 11 miler on Sunday morning.  Felt good to run that far again!


          Resident Millennial



            Drive? Like in a CAR?



            yeah yeah, don't rub it in. we use those horrible metal boxes about once per month.


            ckeen- lol, as you must have seen brew point out on strava, we did indeed ski "near tahoe" not at tahoe. but we slept just a few hundred meters away from the lake, so I'll call that a "tahoe trip". It was great! I'd never been to Kirkwood before but all my friends talk it up. The snow was pretty good, the terrain was a lot of fun, the layout of the mountain is great. Apparently the parking lots were full but the resort still never felt crowded despite it being a bluebird weekend. They're supposed to get 5 feet of snow this Friday!


            glad your sleep is good! It makes such a difference.


            PJ- great race! looked at the results and I'm glad some competitive team folks still came out. and yep, looks like you were right in the mix of my 3 teammates who raced! the one you passed back later in the race (strava flyby is fun) ran 2:49 at CIM, knocking on the door of OTQ this year we think...


            kcam- the .66mi intervals sounds like a fun workout! we do something similar at the end of the year- partner relay 400s. I like that one, though I always go out too fast!


            Longest run since CIM this morning: six whole miles!

            mile, 5:26 /5k, 19:34 /10k, 41:00 /13.1, 1:31:49 /26.2, 3:12:58


              I don't ski anymore cuz I don't like the whole fall-get wet-get cold routine anymore but when I did I loved Kirkwood.  We went there 9 times out of 10 for the reason you stated.  Even though the lots were filled it never felt crowded.  Especially if you stuck to The Wall.  Skull and crossbones kept most people away.  BTW, I didn't actually ski I was a snowboarder.


              My wife and I still go a few times a year but we go the snow shoeing center instead.  Awesome workout for a runner ... Just sayin'!


              pie man

                kcam -sorry, I forget not everyone stalks on Stava.  1:28:36 was the official. A little short of my (soft) half PR.  But I think puts me in a position to chase my 3:10 BQ in a few weeks.  Napa would be the most logical since it’s March 3.


                rlk - I owe your teammates a beer or something.  For a while I was probably 50 meters behind any soul but at least I had someone so I could gradually catch back up.  I do love flyby as well.  Club Nats flyby from last year was funny  I think there were enough folks were chasing cash yesterday to help the field a lot.  (Side note I think I was 2 minutes or so off the masters podium myself).  I need to get back to Tahoe (or somewhere Tahoe adjacent soon),  I debated going that far for New Years but only made it to Auburn to run on that famous track.


                There was a point when I also snowboarded, but it’s been years.



                Brief race report.  Haven’t done a proper half since 2015 (!) and just needed to take it on.  Only times I’ve gone under 1:30 were a hilly Ceaser Rondey PR of 1:27 in 2013 and then the Philly Distance Run later that year squeaking under At 1:29.  Somehow the jump from 10M to half is just a mental barrier for me.  Did the 20 mile big loop as a training run the first day of furlough and then not much for the next two weeks.  Workouts were the progression at auburn and a little tempo this week on the levee (did get my segment back, so that was mission accomplished).


                Decent drive down to the race after an early alarm (and not the best sleep either).  Short warm up, but I didn’t feel the need to do more than 10-12 minutes I need any case.  First mile the gps was not happy and it might have messed me up a bit.  Watch said 6:25 and course marker said 6:50 so I figured the watch was off.  Another mile close to 7 minute and I wouldn’t say I was panicked, but a guy went by at a faster pace and I attached myself for a bit.  He seemed to pause at 3 miles and I was on my own.  I could see impalas ahead and I wanted to keep in touch so I stayed at the faster pace for the next 3ish miles.  Probably a bit too much but I was feeling alright.


                The first hairpin turn was right after six.  A bit of a boost seenig the folks just ahead so I held the sub 6:40 pace but the wind apparently was at out backs on the way out and now we were into it.  It wasn’t super strong, but if you were feeling tired it was not a welcome thing. A guy passed me at this point.  I thought at first he was from the 20 miler that started earlier,  but he didn’t blast past so i had to wait to see.  Eventually he stopped with less than a quarter to go and was stretching on the side of the road, I felt bad for him.  I had also caught my first impala at that point.  Took a gu around 8.5 but don’t know if it even had an effect.  The course turned off the wind, but also featured a second hairpin.  I was feeling that deep soreness in my legs but was hadn’t dropped anything over 7 yet so I just kept going. 20 mile folks continued out at this point, so had confirmation about the guy who passed earlier.  Another turn and back into the wind for a bit.  Had caught second impala somewhere around here.  Also right in the middle of the 10k back markers at this point and continued traffic until the end.  I don’t want to say it cost me, but probably was 10 seconds as I lost touch with the half folks around me.  Regardless, not that close to the PR, but can’t complain about a sub 1:30.


                I seem to remember mile 6 split was 40 flat, and 10 was right at 1:07.  34th overall in a dimished field.  I think I would have been 2nd in my age group, but I registered right before and they didn’t have my age and I didn’t want to take away from someone else so I left it that way.

                11:11 3,000 (recent)



                  PJ - that all sounds like good stuff. sorry, I missed a lot from last year, but I assumed you picked up the training once you moved to the woods?

                  Mile 5:24 3k 11:01 5k 19:01 10k 38:34 hm 1:26:57 fm 3:02:33


                  pie man

                    I'm actually running less miles, but the field work is making up for that and more it seems.  I also have been doing a bit of hiking in my spare time.  And i'm eating better (not necessarily by choice).

                    11:11 3,000 (recent)


                      Congrats, PJ!


                      My week...paces are about a minute faster than the week before, so apparently my stress level has subsided a little.  Not seeing my administration AT ALL has helped.  Had a meeting last week with the President/CEO of a non-profit arts advocacy group about volunteering for them in the short term and seeing where it might lead in the long term, hopefully focusing on initiatives centered around "creative arts therapy."


                      M:  6 @ 13:41 (included some hiking @ 12% incline)

                      T:  7.5 @ 9:26 w/strides

                      W:  7 @ 9:48

                      T:  9 @ 9:55

                      F:  6 @ 9:21

                      S:  9 @ 10:31

                      S:  14 @ 9:18


                      Total:  58.5

                       10/4:  Twin Cities Marathon

                      Brewing Runner

                      3:56 marathoner at heart

                        rlk Ah yes. The "Tahoe" trips of the bay area residents. Because everything in the Tahoe National Forrest = "We went to Tahoe for the weekend." Hope you had  fun. I also explored Bear Valley a lot as a kid. Family had a cabin in Arnold. Race report?


                        keen wait...DD3 just NOW started sleeping all night? Oh man. NeRP had that down, the forgot, then got it back a while ago. Maybe it's because he is 27 lbs.  Yes....he is quite round.


                        ace I'll get a package out to you soonish. I swear I'm not marathon training to avoid mailing snow globes.


                        clever how expensive is an e-hub?


                        kcam 0.66 mile repeats...so like 1050 meters? Interesting. I'd count it as speed work also.


                        pj DAMN! nice race report. Glad you found something to do for money during furlough.


                        omr hope it works out. I had my "meeting" which I classify as "another opportunity to make sure you know you're a subordinate" so I'm going to go with it. At some point my supervisor said when I ask her a question it exposes my flaws and HER boss didn't seem to have a problem with it, or wonder why there is a communication breakdown. I guess she expects me to know what she wants, and pointing out the inconsistencies (me viewed as being critical) in her application of the undocumented verbal standard isn't going to get anything documented.



                        had a good workout today. Almost warmed back up after it. snow fell from the sky (two days early) but thankfully my Nike Zoom Fly shoes and wool socks make me go faster. 1,000m repeats at3"53-3:55. Same work out in 2018 was 4:00 and for CIM 2016 it was about 4:20. Kind of nice to see the improvement AND I'm staying up with the stupid pace bunny for a 2019 in 2019 attempt. All I kept thinking about was dwave living in the cold and getting workouts in, max doin it for all his ultras and some stupid play date I'm trying to get into. Initiation into that April Marathon club is kind of a b*t*h.

                        1 mile: 5:38 (September 2018)

                        5K: 20:23 (March 2018)

                        10K: 42:11 (May 2018)

                        Half: 1:29* (2019 CIM first half)

                        Marathon 2:59* (2019 CIM)

                        Annual Miles 2,121 miles

                        *CIM is a NET downhill course and the weather is unpredictable.


                        2020 Goal: Short Distance PRs so people won't make fun of me. 


                        Mother of Cats

                          I don't ski anymore cuz I don't like the whole fall-get wet-get cold routine 


                          But don't you get wet and cold when running?


                          PJ - I think the barrier between 10M and a half is more than just mental.  That extra 20 minutes makes a huge difference in terms of energy metabolism, I think.  Plus, it's that much longer you have to hang on if you make an early pacing mistake.


                          OMR - good to see the stress subsiding a bit!


                          Oof - tough workout for me today.  We did "800s" under the Whitehurst freeway, since the track is an ice rink.  I got to the workout late because I underestimated how long it would take to de-ice my car.  So much less warm-up then I needed, and the first two reps felt awful.  The rest of the workout felt better - I ended up doing 8 repeats because the first two were really just an extended warm-up.  They ended up mostly between 3:00 and 3:10 in duration for something that was roughly half a mile in length.  The good news is that I have plenty of room for improvement!

                          Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


                          And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.


                          Aspiring Hobby Jogger

                            RLK - Haha, yeah, I saw the Strava comment. I've actually got a ski trip coming up in a few weeks. My first in maybe 16 years, and the first for DW and the kiddos. I'm hoping I can convince DD1 or DD2 to snowboard with me.
                            RR incoming soon?

                            PJ - I'd certainly think that half time indicates that you can go sub 3:10, and thanks for the RR.

                            Brew - Yes, she just now started sleeping through the night. I think last night was the 5th in a row. Maybe it's because she's not round at ~20 lbs. Quite the change from DD1, who was sleeping all night from 4 months.
                            Nice improvement on the workout!

                            Forecast looks interesting for the weekend. 1"+ of snow in the morning, ~30*, and a north wind to match. I may get some early use out of my ski goggles. Or there's the treadmill...

                            ETA: I just remembered that there were similar conditions for one of the early season group runs a couple years ago - which I made. There goes my excuse for using the treadmill.

                            5k: 18:25 10/19 (solo track TT) │ 10k: 38:56 4/18 │ HM: 1:24:16 11/19 │ M: 3:04:13 11/18


                            Upcoming Races:



                              PJ , nice race!  3:10 is very doable off that half.  Last year I ran Clarksburg in 1:29 and then 3:09 at CIM a few weeks later.  Keep up the good work.

                              Brewing runner - the .66 miles is a certain loop around the college we train at.  Hilly.  We have several of these types if courses that have been run for decades(not by me, lol).  We also do track relays, some of the funnest workouts I do.

                              OMR and Brew - hang in there with the stress at work.  I empathize.  Today I got back from my lunchtime run and everyone was abuzz, they laid off 23 people from one of our 'divisions' for lack of a better word.  Supposedly moving on to other areas of the company tomorrow.  One of those was a friend who was planning on retiring in March anyway.  They did him a favor as he got a nice severance that he wouldn't have received if he'd just retired.  Life.


                              pie man

                                Thanks.  I am solidly in the ‘speed demon’ end of the spectrum so I still worry.  But sooner is going to be better than later.  Especially with the uncertain work situation.


                                Dwave - there’s the effort of extra 20 minutes and then there’s me.  1:29 at PDR was followed by a 1:05 at A10 (not quite the fast cherry blossom course either).  And the ultimate 1:38 after a 1:07 equivalent on the short CB course down at St. Micheals with you and our good friend Dave McG. And faded super early in both of those, like mile 4 (earlier I think at St, Micheals).  Sometimes I wish when I ran a good 10 I could have the option to just keep going for another 5k cause I’d probably do that and it would work better and maybe PR wouldn’t be so soft.

                                11:11 3,000 (recent)