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    rovatti:  Can you rent a pair?  You know, kind of like when you go bowling but don’t own a pair of bowling shoes...

      rovatti:  Can you rent a pair?  You know, kind of like when you go bowling but don’t own a pair of bowling shoes...

      If I don't, the rest of my heat is gonna fly past me like a herd of wild kangaroos.

        Courtney Dauwalter is the man!


        Another week in the books:

        M: 5 easy + weights

        T: 6 with track intervals

        W: 7 easy

        Th: 8 easy

        F: 7 with TM intervals

        S: rd

        S: 7 easy

        total = 40  (Aug total = 197)


        I was trying get a feel for mile pace effort during my interval sessions.


        Mother of Cats

          Will be good to see you on Sunday, Rovatti!


          I've been following those NB shoes for a while - I definitely want a pair.  I do think they screwed up with their marketing plan, though.  The 5280 is a road mile shoe.  And road miles are generally a summer thing.  So why the heck wait until the end of the summer and the 5th Avenue Mile to release the damn shoe?  I'm certainly not going to race 5th Avenue mile without having done a run or two in the shoe beforehand, and thus I'll be buying the shoe for next year.  I'm willing to do that, but I'm guessing a lot of the potential customer base is not.


          A road mile shoe is already going to have a limited audience.  Why restrict it even more?


          /end rant.


          My week:

          66 miles, 18 "miles" of pool-running, and 3000 yards of swimming
          M: Yoga and 7 "miles" of pool-running
          T: 12 miles, including a track workout of 2x1600, 2x80. Split 603, 5:54, 2:55, 2:50. Recoveries of 4:55 and 5:05 after 1600s, 2:48 between the 800s. Also leg strengthwork and 1200 yards recovery swimming.
          W: 8 miles very easy (9:00), drills and strides, yoga, and then 4 miles very easy (8:48).
          Th: Upperbody weights, core and 11 "miles" of pool-running.
          F: 12.5 miles, including a track workout of 3200, 1600 in 12:19 (6:20/5:59) and 5:53. 4:44 recovery between the two. Followed with two hill sprints, leg strengthwork and 1250 yards recovery swimming.
          Sa: 8 miles very easy (8:50), drills and strides, upper body weights/core and DIY yoga and then 4 miles very easy (8:25).
          Su: 17 miles, including 4, 3, 2, and 1 miles at marathon effort with 1 mile moderate (high 7Tight lippedx) between each. Split as:
          4 miles in 27:37 (7:01/6:58/6:49/6:49; average 6:54)
          3 miles in 20:12 (6:46/6:44/6:42; average 6:44)
          2 miles in 13:27 (6:40/6:47; average 6:44)
          1 mile in 6:45
          Followed with injury prevention work and 550 yards recovery swimming.


          Was pretty happy with the week.  Went into it fearful that I was starting to dig a hole since I felt so tired on Sunday, so I really pulled back on Monday, and left Tuesday as an optional "we'll see how I feel" workout.  Well...I ended up feeling really good on Tuesday.  I ended up doing the minimum for the workout anyway, just to make sure I stayed out of the hole (scheduled workout was 2x1600, 2-4x800).


          I was pretty happy with the rest of the week as well.  Sunday's run was targeting marathon feel, not necessarily a pace.  As you can see, I ended up gravitating to around 6:44/6:45 for the most part, so that was good.  (I think the paces in the first 4 mile segment are a bit deceptive, as I had to weave my way through some cones and turns and also a running club of about 40 people running between 12:00 and 15:00 pace while spread 3-4 wide across the trail.)

          Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


          And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.

          From the Internet.

            Less structured quality, more volume this week - 76.8 miles. Shit's about to get real, I finally registered for my 10/20 marathon!


            M - 7.3ish easy


            Tu - 12 easy-ish, pushing up to moderate territory by the end


            W - club workout was hills this week. 9 of those suckers, varying distance/grade, pushing uphill and across the top, recovering down and across the base. 7 miles total with wu/cd.


            Th - another 7.3ish easy


            F - 14 miles easy, boosting the MLR and LR a bit this week but easing off the effort a bit.


            Sa - 9 miles/8:02 pace with a group from my club. Didn't intend to go that far or that fast but the legs were ready to roll so I just followed along.


            Su - 20 miles easy, 8:15 avg. Low heart rate, took two gels and a bunch of water, felt pretty great most of the way. Little twinge in my left quad around 15 but it held up fine after a bit of stretching, just gonna roll out everything really well the next couple of days and keep an eye on it.


            Shorter long run, bit more Q again this week.


              Here's mine:


              M: Rest
              T: 7.3M @ 8:17
              W: 8.7M @ 7:59 w/40min @ 7:34
              T: Rest
              F: 8.7M @ 8:37
              S: 8.5M @ 8:50
              S: 18M @ 8:47 w/4M @ 7:32


              Total: 51.3M.  221.2 for August.

              Running Problem

              Problem Child

                57 miles. One good workout. One bad tempo-like Run. Ran my easy 7ish today in shoes without a carbon fiber plate because I wouldn’t spend the money for it. Kept it under 60 because I refuse to believe ‘60 is the new 40’ regardless of the number of 60 year old people ahead of me last CIM.


                Do blind runners use these special shoe? Random thought I had because CIM has some of the BADASSEST blind runners I’ve ever seen. Actually it’s rare I see them (not a pun) because they’re usually ahead of me.



                DWAVE Hanson's HAS A STORE?!?!?!!?! # Fanboi The mile race sounded interesting. I had to remember it was at night. Congratulations on second master. Glad you didn't faceplant and I'm sure that was a wiser decision than trying for a 5th place. Seems like a lot of turns for a mile race. The local one is this weekend (not doing it) and the tall guy from my report last year asked if he'll get a rematch. I laughed knowing he remembered the story (he sounded like he was suffering last year....right after I passed the All America 11 year old).


                UTMB If you ever want to row you have that option. Click me. Maybe there is an online option where you can pretend to be somewhere around sea level. If ma invited me to pace him I'd TOTALLY stop for a row session. Y'all KNOW I would just for the story and photo opportunity.


                lauren DAMN! lots of mileage. I ran with a girl aiming for a sub 3 at CIM this year and she likes 70-80 mpw. Makes me undestand how my friend who though 40 was a ton of miles felt. I'm sure it's not a lot when I'm doing it but jumping up from 55 to 75 just seems like I'd need 2 extra days a week.


                rlk you look like you're doing really good for NOT doing an 18 week marathon training plan. Looks like you'll do well for CIM.


                My Week:

                Tuesday was 800m repeats that went well.

                Thursday was garbage. Hot, horrible, and I switch from running by past to running by effort and kept it 170. Even 172 felt much harder. Apparently 93F and a 40+ Dew Point means hard running around 4:30pm. Skipped TRX because I was so tired and just the thought was making me miserable. Maybe next time I'll try something different.....or the weather will be better.

                Saturday's long run was off 4 or 5 hours of sleep and no breakfast. I wanted to stop around 14 but the goal was 16 and that's what I was going for. No gels, only the Maurten 320 drink mix keen sent my way to try. Worked okay. I think not eating was the harder part of the run. I definately got some arm workout pushing the stroller, and trying to get some kind of rolling hill terrain for the day. Sunday's run was much better. Local store run and I was HAMMERING some speed and pull out a 7:00 mile for A mile.


                5x1k repeats today. 4 minutes of pain. Oh and I found a beer I wanted to buy. I'm tempted to buy it and save it for April 2021. I never knew they bottled it, but apparently the BAA is taunting me. bastards. Oh and I'm not sure I like the flyknit upper on the Nikes. It's REALLY loose and turning actually makes it feel like my foot is about to slide off the sole. It might be okay for CIM since a large part of that is straight. The

                first turn, and last few 90 degree turns could get interesting especially if it's wet or there are a bunch of leaves around.


                Oh and apparently I have a run streak going. I'm just trying to get up to 60 miles.

                2020 Goal: Figure out the problem.



                  59 miles.  1 double, 2 workouts.  Nailed a dreaded tempo run.  No long runs, but that will change this weekend, I am doing a Last One Standing event.  I think I have put together a decent base building block and feel good.  A daily 10k minimum streak has helped me get out there consistently.


                  Good weeks reported everyone.


                  2-15-20  Sun Marathon (Utah)

                  4-18-20  Zion 100 (Utah)



                  Aspiring Hobby Jogger

                    Dauwalter for the win!! Too bad Kaci took a nasy tumble and didn't finish.

                    Super-expensive mile shoes - Fancy marathon shoes are one thing, but I'll have to pass on those! It seems to me that road miles aren't that common, so why restrict availability for what is already targeted at a niche consumer base, and why launch it at the end of the season?

                    DWave - Nice week, yet again.

                    Lauren - Dang, nice volume to the week, and great LR.

                    OMR - Solid week.

                    Brew & Beryl - Nice volume on the weeks as well.

                    Beryl - I'm already waiting for the RR on that one. That kind of race seems oddly appealing.

                    I completely failed at a cut-back week! Whoops... I did win the small 5k - full disclosure, I signed up for this race before the date for the fastest 5k in the state was announced and they just happened to be the same day. That race had 60 people under 18 minutes, 11 at 16 minutes or better, with the winner in 14:41! It may not be much compared to coastal races, but that's a super-fast and stacked field for Oklahoma.

                    Weather was pretty decent compared to what I have been running in, which was nice (~68*, but still very humid). I improved on the overall effort put into the distance vs my TT a couple weeks ago (certainly didn't improve on the time!), but figure I can still push harder since there was never a moment when I thought slowing down might be a good idea for any reason. I was ~25 feet behind a kid (HS/young college) until just before mile 2 when I dropped him at the top of a hill, then I was all alone the rest of the way and ended up ~1:40 ahead of 2nd place. Certainly it wasn't a competitive race at all, nor was it a PR-worthy course in any case, but it was lots of fun to actually race something after so long (1 year since my last 5k, ~10 months since my last race).

                    August ended up being my 2nd highest mileage (331.64 mi) month ever (last August was 344.10 m), though my biggest month overall in terms of intensity. Feeling pretty good overall, though.

                    The woman I met last year after we ran my favorite little HM in Texas has continued to astound me. She put together an impressive NYC/CIM/Boston (?) triple starting at the end of last year, but this past weekend put up a 3:29:27 50k (flat road, multiple loops) at the IAU (International Association of Ultrarunners) world championship in Romania (and apparently set a Lithuanian national record in the process). So much for beating her if shows up at that race again this year!



                    Weekly Summary
                    Monday, Aug 26, 2019 thru Sunday, Sep 01, 2019

                    <tfoot> </tfoot>
                    Day Miles Pace Description HR Link
                    Mon 12.1 7:30 Just Call Me Lonesome since I'm blowing like an Amarillo Windmill after I saw Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah Somewhere Down In Texas on Copperhead Road. It's enough to make Wile E. Coyote Comal County Blue while drinking Tennessee Whiskey and wishing it was li 154 (79%) strava
                    Tue 8.5 8:13 They didn’t cancel school for power outages when I was a kid! - Watopia 138 (70%) strava
                    Tue 4.1 8:17 School may have been cancelled, but soccer practice is still on! - NYC 137 (70%) strava
                    Wed 12.3 8:26 1 owl, 1 possum, and 1 other runner with a headlamp 135 (69%) strava
                    Wed 4.1 8:29 Matzumotto's Sushi sounds really good right about now - NYC 132 (67%) strava
                    Thu 12.5 8:27 1 owl and a 2-mile rain shower 133 (68%) strava
                    Thu 3.6 8:31 Worst. Cutback. Week. Ever. - London 0 (0%) strava
                    Fri 6.5 8:33 Lightning on the horizon no matter where I look 130 (66%) strava
                    Sat 2.2 7:52 Warm-up 138 (70%) strava
                    Sat 3.2 6:14 Tunnel to Towers 5k 169 (86%) strava
                    Sat 4.1 8:10 Not the cool-down I wanted, but it gets me above the mark - London 138 (70%) strava
                      73.2 8:07      

                    5k: 18:25 10/19 (solo track TT) │ 10k: 38:56 4/18 │ HM: 1:24:16 11/19 │ M: 3:04:13 11/18


                    Upcoming Races (?):

                    8/29 Moore War 5k

                    9/5 - Tunnel to Towers 5k

                    9/27 - Run Elk City 5k

                    10/4 - Wurst Race Half - Ran it!

                    10/18 - Hot Chocolate 15k (Pacing)



                      A decent week last week ending with a confidence booster of 21 miles. I felt good through the late miles which I was most worried about since I hadn't run more than 17 in a while.

                      Friday's run was a bit of a tempo effort with 4 miles averaging about 7:00. Not close to where I used to be, but not horrible.



                      Weekly Summary
                      Monday, Aug 26, 2019 thru Sunday, Sep 01, 2019

                      <tfoot> </tfoot>
                      Day Miles Pace Description Link
                      Mon 6.1 8:40 Run strava
                      Tue 8.6 8:36 Run strava
                      Tue 15.0 3:48 Bike commute strava
                      Tue 13.2 4:05 Bike commute strava
                      Wed 7.1 8:54 Run strava
                      Wed 14.5 3:58 Bike commute strava
                      Wed 14.2 4:07 Bike commute strava
                      Thu 13.3 3:43 Bike commute strava
                      Thu 13.3 3:50 Bike commute strava
                      Thu 6.4 8:43 Run strava
                      Fri 9.0 7:55 Run strava
                      Fri 15.6 3:55 Bike commute strava
                      Fri 14.2 4:05 Bike commute strava
                      Sat 21.0 8:08 Run strava
                       Totals Run 58 Bike 113


                      This coming Friday is the Blue Ridge Relay. I'm on a mixed masters team of 12. Three legs per runner.

                      Summary of my legs with elevation gain/loss

                      Leg # Miles Rating Gain (ft) Loss

                      11 8.4 Very Hard 680 -551

                      23 4.8 Moderate 513 -328

                      35 4.2 Very Hard 920 -244


                      It will be interesting.


                      Pace Prophet

                        Good luck, Matt!  My relay's the following Friday-Saturday (Reach the Beach).  My legs are 4.2 (+236/-254), 6.8 (+413/-364), and one that will be between 2.9 and 6.4 miles depending on how the person before me is feeling, with a climb and loss of around 300'. All are listed as 'moderate'.

                        Running Problem

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                          matt have fun. Not sure how I feel about the "no alcohol consumption" rule in the race, or at the finish. Post a photo of the medal. Relays can be fun. I'm sure it would be an EXCELLENT forum meet up. Random location, no set running order, driver, or logistics figured out. "All I know is I'm meeting some of my online friends here and we're going to run this. I'm not sure what they even look like." would be an excellent Strava story.

                          2020 Goal: Figure out the problem.


                            Definitely a fun online meetup. I know a few who have done that at the Vermont 100 on 100.


                            For this relay, we have to provide the order of runners and it must stay that way, even if someone drops. So if runner #10 drops or can't finish his/her leg, runner #11 fills in. Then the next leg is picked up by the next runner in the list and so on. Like a baseball batting line-up. Except no pinch-runners I suppose. Maybe you can pinch runners if you pass them instead.


                            Mother of Cats

                               "All I know is I'm meeting some of my online friends here and we're going to run this. I'm not sure what they even look like." would be an excellent Strava story.

                              I did that once.  Called it "CIM 2016"

                              Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


                              And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.

                              Running Problem

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                                I did that once.  Called it "CIM 2016"


                                OH MAN that was a good one. max gave away my beer. I even remember you passing me around mile 5ish where the course goes from 2 lanes to 4 thinking "DAMN she's fast."

                                2020 Goal: Figure out the problem.