Can I make up a missed run? (Read 150 times)


    I missed my aerobic run on Thursday in my RW plan. I am going to do my out&back today and my long aerobic run tomorrow. Is there a way to make up the 35 minute run I missed today or tomorrow without doing a double? I was thinking of maybe running 20 minutes aerobic today before my o&b then 15 additional on my LR tomorrow. Would that be a bad idea? I just want to try to get the additional 35minutes of time on my feet but don't want to do anything that would be a setback.


      you could make it up during your next rest day.


        I could Smile

        Is there any way to get it in this weekend without it having a negative effect?

          You can't make up missed runs.


          Whether you should make adjustments to your planned runs based on current fitness, how you'recurrently feeling, life events, etc. is another matter. Rest days are built into your plan for a reason. If you don't really need rest days then maybe your plan is too easy to begin with. If you do need rest days then skipping one to get 35 minutes of "time on feet" makes no sense.

          Runners run.


            That's what I figured, Mikey. So how do I determine if I'm fit enought, etc to add a bit on to the planned runs today and tomorrow to end up with my week's duration of run time at the planned amount? I would like to do it, but not at a cost of it being detrimental in the long run, so how do I know if I can handle it?

              First of all, I think the question is not whether you could handle it this week but whether you could handle it every week without breaking down. As for how you know--that's part of the process of becoming a runner is being able to read your body and know when you are recovering well in between runs. It takes some trial and error at first.

              Runners run.

                Agree with mikeymike that you can't make up a missed workout.


                Sometimes you can shuffle things across week boundaries if there's a reason - AND you know your body as to what it needs for recovery. There's nothing sacred about 7-day weeks for training plans and some use 10 day or 2 wk plans - just to be able to get the desired workouts in with appropriate amount of recovery. My scheduling is weird right now because we've been having good weather and good trail conditions, so I've made hay while the sun was shining - cuz I've got a bunch of meetings coming up plus snow will probably start deteriorating really quickly, so I'll have a reduced week or more (if we get another snowstorm). And I've dealt with these conditions for several years.


                Looking at your log with your current volume, I'd be hesitant to extend anything. Adding duration to other runs isn't the same as doing the intended run on the intended day. And it may just push you too far in one run. Since you can handle b2b Out/Back and Long run, you could look at sliding two of your other runs b2b so you might have 3 runs this week and 5 next week, but still have 8 in a 14-day period. That may or may not work for you.


                When I ran 2 on/ 1 off, that alternated 4 and 5 day weeks, but was really 9 runs in 14 days.


                Looks like you're making good progress with getting all your runs in.

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                  That makes sense. Thanks, AK.