Correction of Shoe Model (Read 301 times)

    Hi eric,


    Has it always been the case that the application forces corrections of shoe model names?  I foolishly bought a pair of track spikes this week:  Asics Hyper LD 4.  I try to enter the model name "Hyper LD 4", but when I save, the application then tries to force me to do this:


    The model name "Hyper LD 4" contains error(s). The following changes were applied:

    1. Added "Gel-" prefix

    Which is annoying and incorrect.  I thought in the past I could pretty much name the shoe model whatever I wanted.  This is not a big deal, but thought I would ask.  For the time being I'll try just "Hyper LD" which is already in the pre-populated list of existing equipment.


    Update:  Even trying the "Hyper LD" name, which comes up as an auto-complete option when I type, does not work.  It still wants to force me to put "Gel-" at the beginning of the name.


    Update #2:  I was able to work around the restriction by saving with the change forced by the system and then going back in and editing the name.  So in the end, no action required.  Thanks anyway!

    - Joe

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      How odd!  ASICS delineating from their naming scheme.  Not that it matters now, but I put in an exclusion rule for it.