How long should my son (runs High School X Country) wait to run after recovering from Pneumonia??? (Read 963 times)

    My son finished his cross country season on 7,8 Nov in Okinawa (Far East Finals). His coach recommended he take about 3 weeks off before he started running again. Unfortunately, just about the time the three weeks was up, he came down with pneumonia. After missing an extended period of school, he was able to go back last Monday. Although he no longer has a fever, he still occasionally coughs. He's chomping at the bit...can't wait to run again (slowly to start of course). Anyone have any suggestions as to how long he should wait before he begins to run again??? Thanks Tom
      I'm in the same situation. I was recently out of work for 2 weeks with pneumonia. Doctor said full recovery could take several additional weeks. He also stressed that suffering from a relapse is a very real possibility if I push it too soon. I'm currently to the point where I cough only rarely, but I noticed that cold air (I live in Indiana) triggers more coughing than usual. And that was just being outside. I haven't even tried to run yet. I will probably start slowly on an indoor treadmill by the end of this week. That will make it about 3-weeks from the start of my illness. Keep in mind that there are various types of pneumonia. Mine began off of the respiratory flu. Bottom line: Pneumonia is nasty stuff. It is the leading cause of death of chronically ill elderly people. The longer he waits to start running, the better.
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        The longer he waits to start running, the better.
        Yeah... I think you'd better check with your doctor on this one. This is serious stuff and, afterall, we're just a bunch of strangers pretending we know what we're talking about. Wink Your doc can maybe listen to his lungs with a stethescope and tell how he's recovered? And good call on the fever... a person should definitely avoid excercise when they have a fever (can't regulate body temp properly).
          Thanks very much to both of you for your great feedback - I sincerely appreciate it!
            Yeah, I got pneumonia twice my senior year of high school, once in August which I was able to come back from quickly, then after my regional meet, which lost me All-State honors, but that's the way it goes I suppose.....I assume he did a full regimen of antibiotics? Zithromax (Z-Pack) took care of mine in a hurry. The thing about pneumonia is that someone that young really shouldn't have it unless their immune system is fairly weak. And that's exactly what a full season of cross country will do combined with the stress of an all-out race --- Anyway, if he's still coughing, I would really recommend waiting until that clears up - here are a couple helpful suggestions I gleaned my two bouts with it... 1. Stay away from ALL dairy. seriously. 2. If he has an albuterol inhaler, or can get ahold of one, puff it several times a day. Loosens up mucus. 3. Get a lot of sleep 4. If he must run, do it inside for a little while and be careful returning to the cold weather.... 5. Take LOTS of vitamin C, zinc supplements help too 6. Eat lots of food with serious fresh garlic...it's a natural antibiotic.
              Thanks very much for your great feedback, I/we really appreciate it. My son's back on the road again, preparing for Track Season...building up to what he hopes will be a 4:45mi and 10:00 two mile. Thanks again. Tom

                Excellent! Glad to hear he's recovered! Best of luck to him in the coming season!
                  Thanks very much! Tom