Quick survey for runners = raffle to win free shoes! (PS eric approved this) (Read 277 times)


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    Sounds like I am lucky to have two LRS within 10 miles from my house. Survey done.



      done.  Great survey.

      If I buy the exact same shoe every time, I do not need a sales person at a brick and morter location.

      If I'm seeking advice regarding a new brand or new style shoe, I'll find a good brick and morter shoe store to get advice from the pro's there.

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        My LRS is a great resource -- good people, good service. I might pay a little more for my shoes there, but it's worth it to support them whenever I can and keep them successful.


          Done! Thanks.  Timely survey, too.  I'd been buying my shoes at local brick & mortar store until the model I'd been wearing changed and have ordered my last couple of pairs through amazon because of stock/availability the store didn't offer.

            Hi, smalcolm! You've changed coasts Smile


            Am I doing this right?



              Perfect timing as I'm in the market for a new pair of shoes.  Free is always best when buying shoes.

              No excuses....


                Done. When do I get my free shoes?


                they are coming to my house!


                Running is stupid

                Am I doing this right?


                  they are coming to my house!


                  Can you post your address so I know where to come get them.  Thanks.

                  No excuses....

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                    Only trouble I had with the wording was whether I felt "guilty" about buying online if I tried on in store.  I wouldn't feel guilty.  I don't do it because I like to support my LRS -- not because of a feeling I'm trying to avoid.

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                      Hey this was fun Big grin. I am wondering about the results of this survey and what sort of project the survey was used for. Tell us how it turns out.

                      Good Grief!



                        There are good running shoe stores much closer than where I shop, but the service and knowledge is so much better where I do that I'm more than willing to travel the extra distance. It's nice to have such a great selection though.

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                            Thanks everyone for participating! Your input is much appreciated!

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                              I'd like to point out, there wasn't an option for "I get my shoes for free by participating in online surveys," but otherwise good job.

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                                OK -- I'm all done with the survey..


                                SO, when do I get my new running shoe????

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