Does anyone know of any plans to update the Handy Runner app? (Read 610 times)

    I love the app, it works great, and I'm wondering if Derek is working on any updates to it and/or if there is a place to submit feature requests.

    Personally, what I would like to see added (and would be happy to pay for):

    Mileage notifications that alert you to your progress. (ex: "Mile six completed. Your pace was nine minutes and thirty one seconds"). However, I've also noticed that the pace calculation in the app is way off at the end of my runs (but is somehow re-calculated properly once the workout is saved/uploaded).

    The ability to add/edit data for the workouts, like adding temp/weather conditions (maybe even dynamically via geolocation weather service?), weight, heart rate, etc.

    Maybe the ability to interface with bluetooth chest bands to track heart rate min/max/avg.

    Metronome for cadence?


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