importing file from mapmyrun.com (Read 80 times)

Jake Walter

    I see where you can upload a .csv file but does anyone know how to export my mapmyrun info into a .csv file?


      Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply to your email.  A long time ago (maybe 2 years?) if you have their "premium" membership, you can download a sparse copy of your data.  They seem to have removed that feature after their revamped the site.  I don't have an MMR account so I don't know if they ever re-added that feature.  Maybe someone familiar with MMR can confirm this.


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        I don't have direct experience, however it appears from this late 2012 topic discussion, that MapMyRun does not allow for exporting.

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          You can export from MapMyRun after upgrading to MVP status, which I have done. However, I'm getting an error message here when I try to import the resulting .csv file.


            Please email me your data file to support@runningahead.com and I'll take a look.  I'm thinking the format has changed.


            As a side note, I can't believe people put up with paying to get at their data.  But more power to MMR if they can get away with it.