Show Weight directly in Calendar view (SOLVED) (Read 489 times)

Steve T

    Not sure if this has been requested, suggested or wanted.


    It would be nice if in the calendar view that your actual weight is shown, as opposed to indicating a health entry for the day.


    The weight figure I'm referring to is when entered via the health entry, not the run entry.   I'm assuming these are two separate fields.



      If you are interested in looking at your weight over time, you can make a chart of it (an example on my log). I'm pretty sure charting, uses the weights from the runs and the health entries.

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      Steve T

        Good suggestion Bonkin and I'll certainly go about crreating a chart for my summary view.   I was though more interested in when viewing the Calendar view, and especially, is more important when viewing months and years earlier.   Hate to say it, but how Garmin Connect do it.
        Steve T

          I've figured this out.   In the subject field, I initially refered to the entry as 'Weight' and then entered my weight in the specific field.


          In the subject field I enter the weight value, and it's that value that is also displayed in the calendar view.