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Gator eye

    Here I am.

      Hey Jason, welcome! Join us in the Ultra Runners forum.

      Everyone, Jason writes the best race reports ever and just ran the Pinhoti 100.

       Already joined it a few minutes back.  It did not take me long to search for "Ultra" under user groups.  Thanks for the welcome!

         Awesome. I like Spam on a plate, not online.Cool


        With your eggs, I presume.

        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.



          I need to find my avatar picture. Roll eyes

          - Andrew

            Hey all, just another refugee checking in!




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              FINE! I GAVE IN! Angry


              I suppose it's nice we can have sigs again.  

              Mile 5:49 - 5K 19:58 - 10K 43:06 - HM 1:36:54


                I'm here but have been for a while.  Post just about as much here as I did there though.Smile

                delicate flower

                  FINE! I GAVE IN! Angry


                  I suppose it's nice we can have sigs again.  






                    So, now that we're all here, are you gonna tell us all how to pronounce your username?


                    You gotta read it backwards... Wink


                      I was wondering where everyone was.  Found you!  It's kind of nice over here.  I don't blame you.  I just might hang out for a while...Big grin

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                        You're good for two or three decent posts per year.



                        at least I've got you beat by 1 or 2.


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                          Hello All. :-)


                          Here I am as well, first post here.  (Hey no post counter!  We are all eternal noobs.  Or did I miss the counter somewhere...)


                          I have fully thrown in the towel on RunnersWorld.   Inept Leadersip at its best apparently.  101 ways to destroy a forum?  RW will show you how.


                          This forum setup looks very reasonable so far.


                          ---You know what, I am actually going to miss the occasional "pluck" though where my photo is of someone completely different (and better looking) than I am. Big grin


                          PS.  Love that Runner Tracking setup!  (Well, other than it indicates that I did not get in enough miles last week, but that is My fault, not the calendar :-) 

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                            Where do we find all of the free streaming stuff around here?


                            Embrace the suck

                              I feel a little bit dirty coming here.  Like I'm cheating on Not Mark.

                              Shu:  If disliking people is wrong, I don't want to be right.


                                Howdy, everybody!  (Another RWOL survivor)