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    Yeah, I did it. I ran my first HM today in Atlanta's inaugural marathon/half marathon. It was the largest inaugural marathon in US history (15,000 runners). It was so cool to be out there at 7 am with 14999 other runners in Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta. The race went very well for me. I wore a heart rate monitor and used that to help pace me. In the beginning, I kept my heart rate in the low 140s beats per minute, and then increased it over time so that at the end I was in the mid 160s. I also kept track of my pace and was shooting for a 1:55. I was slightly ahead of that pace the whole way, but I felt very good so I just kept chugging away. According to the chip, I ran the first 10K at an 8:41 pace, and the entire race at a 8:42 pace! How's that for an even pace? I finished in 1:54:16, just ahead of my goal, so I'm very happy. And I feel great now too - no injuries and my knees are only slightly sore. I did not wear my camelbak, and I'm glad I didn't. I practiced drinking from cups the day before while running, so it was easy during the race. My family was supposed to cheer me on at the 3 mile point and the 11 mile point, but the car's battery was dead (how's that for Murphy's Law), so they missed me at the 3 mile point, but they were there at the 11 mile point - when I REALLY needed the lift. With less than 1 mile to go, we passed a church whose bells began to toll (signifying 9 am I guess) - that was awesome - it told me I was almost there. The last 1/4 mile or so is downhill, so I practically sprinted to the finish. What's next? Well, now I'm going to run my first marathon; there's a small one near here in November - I'll probably run that one. Then I plan to run this marathon (ING Atlanta) next year - it goes practically right past my house. Thanks for everyone's advice - you all really helped me to do this!

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      Well done - a great achievement. You must be really pleased to hit your target so well (and only sore knees eh?). I look forward to reading your marathon report! Neil Smile

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        Congratulations on your first HM and on your excellent time!
          Congratulations on a great first half! Big grin
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            Congratulations! sounds like a great first half marathon! Big grin
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              Congrats on a well-run race! Good, even pacing and ahead of your goal. WTG.
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                That is REALLY awesome! It's races like that that really feed the addiction! Big grin k

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                  Nice job on a tough course, with unrelenting hills! I ran it today too. Most of the half-marathoners had a great time. The full-marathoners...not so much. We encountered missing aid stations (no water from mile 4 to 10), no Powerade at all, and opressive heat after about 10 a.m. Still, it was a nice running tour of Atlanta and a great experience. I expect they'll have the aid station problems fixed next year, I hope to do it again. Just beware that some things will be the same--the last 5k has a lot of uphill and it gets warm by then, and that's a tough way to finish a marathon. Congrats again.

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