Sub 1:30 Half Marathon in 2019 (Read 638 times)

    Wow Mark congrats for the race!!!

    good luck Flavio!

    PRs since re-started in 2013:

    5km: 19:43 (Belfast park run Sep-16) | 10km: 40:16 (Belfast Lagan side 10K Sep-18) 

    HM: 1:30:09 (Belfast city Half Marathon, September-18) | FM: 3:25:05 (official chip time Belfast city Marathon, May-19, marathon was 0.3/4 longer, original time 3:27:20 for 26.5/6...)


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    Belfast city Marathon, May-20.


      Mark yeah Brad was commentating. They mentioned you a few times. That Brian guy went out crazy fast I knew you would get him. Oh and congrats for winning the first 100m 


      Schumacher good luck. I can't send you prayers as not religious but will have a beer in your honour 


      The Masters guys must be smarter with their pacing, I went out a little fast, but not too fast, and somehow I ended up in front for what felt like quite a long time!  It actually felt pretty nice especially because my family was about 50m from the start line but I dialled it back pretty quickly.


      From lap 3 I was really just focused on whoever was in front of me, so I hadn't realised the extent of that move that Brian Garmonsway put on the lead pack on lap 2 - he really paid for it.  It's a deceptively tricky course out there, having run it previously definitely helped.  No way would I put a surge in on lap 2, especially with wind lurking in one part of the course.  Jonny McKee picked his moment perfectly on lap 4 to pull clear of Nick for 1st, I reckon.


      Good luck Flavio!!

      5,000m: 15:39 (Dec-19) | 10,000m: 32:34 (Mar-20) | 10km: 33:15 (Sep-19) 

      HM: 1:10:46 (Nov-19) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

      Last race: NZ 10,000m Champs, 21 March, 32:34 (PB) 

      Up next: Mt. Maunganui Half Marathon, 29 Aug; Rotorua Marathon, 26 Sept



        Good luck Flavio.


        Brian last year basically started fast, and held on and won the masters.  This year he didn't quite pull it off.  It's always hard to get things just right with pacing.


        After three really low weeks of work travel plus taper, sick, and sick, and I got a good week in.


        Monday and Tuesday were very much recovery from Saturday's race.  Thursday's club run was 4km moderately easy, then 8km of tempo with breaks as the group has different paces so we stop at certain points so everyone can catch-up, plus some extra detours for those running faster.  It was my first club run (not race) for several months.


        <tfoot> </tfoot>
        Day Miles Pace Description Link
        Mon 5.0 9:20 Evening Run strava
        Tue 5.0 9:04 Evening Run strava
        Wed 5.0 8:22 Evening Run - Incl. 4 x 200m Strides strava
        Thu 7.6 7:19 Evening Run - Trentham Harriers Club Run strava
        Fri 3.7 8:52 Afternoon Run strava
        Sat 11.3 8:20 Afternoon Run - Incl. 2 x Riverstone Hill strava
        Sun 2.9 8:56 Evening Run strava
          40.5 8:26  

        PRs: 5km 18:43 (Dec 2015), 10km 40:28 (Aug 2019), half 1:26:16 (Sep 2016), full 3:09:28 (Jun 2015)


        40+ PRs: 5km 20:10 (Dec 2019), 10km 40:28 (Aug 2019), half 1:29:39 (Jun 2018)

          my first week of taper for the half marathon (next week) went ok. I had a good interval session on Tuesday (4:26, 4:27, 4:34, 4:35, 4:30 rec 200 mt. jog)


          and a couple of good tests with 10 miles in progression including 4 miles at race pace on a hilly course.



          Day Miles Time descr - pace 8:17  
          Mon 4.2 35:00 Evening Run  
          Tue 7.2 52:30 Interval 5X1200 (4'30)  
          Wed 5.3 41:30 easy - 7:51  
          Fri 6.3 47:46 easy - 7:38  
          Sat 10.1 1:15:15 progression to race pace (6:40-50)  
          Sun 7 57:00 easy - 8:09  
            40 5:09:07  7:43

          next will be a taper week, I am thinking to include a few intervals on Tuesday. Race on Sunday (Belfast city Half Marathon; goal 1:29:59 !!)


          have a good weekend!

          PRs since re-started in 2013:

          5km: 19:43 (Belfast park run Sep-16) | 10km: 40:16 (Belfast Lagan side 10K Sep-18) 

          HM: 1:30:09 (Belfast city Half Marathon, September-18) | FM: 3:25:05 (official chip time Belfast city Marathon, May-19, marathon was 0.3/4 longer, original time 3:27:20 for 26.5/6...)


          Upcoming races:  

          Belfast city Marathon, May-20.



            Marco, you're looking good to go under 1:30.  The structure of your week looks very similar to some of my weeks before my last half in which I was just over 1:30 - I would do one long run and one workout of 5x1200s and almost as many miles.  Your week was a little better than mine in almost every respect, though - you're doing a few more miles and your 1200s are a couple of seconds faster with less rest.  Your easy pace is a good bit faster than mine, too (and would be too fast for me, but it seems to work for you).  Hope your taper goes smoothly.

            Post-1987 PRs:  Half 1:30:14 (2019); 10K 39:35 (2019); 5K 19:12 (2017); Mile 5:37.3 (April '20)

            2020 Goals:  35+ mpw, Half<1:30, 10K<39:35, 5K<19:30; Mile<5:40 (done)


            King of pastries

              James - mountain biking is badass. We saw some dudes doing a downhill course while on vacation in Argentina. Luckily we heard the rumble and got to the side LOL as they were going over 30 miles per hour on the same trail.


              Mark - great success!!! Congrats on the shiny PR, may a lot more come. It’s been incredible

              To watch your progression.


              Marco - very nice 1200s, super fast, you’re just missing that last bit of endurance, I think you’re gonna get it.


              me - I'm having opposing feelings about the race today.

              TL;DR; 18:07 - 3 mile course (short), but super cool, lots of traffic, warm weather 21/70 degrees at the start with 85% humidity.


              My wife almost PRd though just to take that warm weather excuse from me 


              Honestly the course was super cool. One lap around the stadium on an elevated platform with a nice view of all the flat surrounding area, you could see 5km away, maybe further. Once the lap was completed we went down a ramp to street level and then it was pancake flat to the end.

              I was redlining from a little before 3k so clearly not my day even though I made an effort to start out conservatively.

              splits: 3:40, 3:39, 3:40, 3:48, 3 something for the last 800m. I couldn't even see which position I was because of all the people on the road.

              It wouldn't make any difference though, I wouldn't get the PR today.

              I'm still happy to have gotten tickets for the soccer match this afternoon and gifting them to some friends who are thankful for the last minute gift. We're not going because we have a barbecue to attend (priorities, ya know). It's like Fogo de Chao, but at my in laws.


              Overall, this PR stands for now, I hope I can break it eventually. Now the focus is on the half marathon training. I really need a break from fast running.

              I have some recovery weeks ahead and a fun 6k run next Saturday (Batman series). I need to find a superman costume...

              PRs: 1500m 4:54.1 3K 10:34 5K 18:05 HM 1:23:30 - Up next: Some 5K race Sep 6th.

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                Flavio another nice 5k you are having a great year and nice job by your girlfriend.


                Watson/Marco nice weeks.


                Mark I remember warming up for my PB half at Rotorua 2014 with Jonny McKee. He won in sub 1.08 that day.


                New half marathon world record at Copenhagen 1.58.01

                Geoffrey Kamworor

                50+ PBs5k 18:29 Tauranga Parkrun May18   

                5k 18.29 Christchurch Parkrun July 20

                10k 38.55 oct 19 strava run

                Next race Mount Maunganui half 10k 31st Aug 2020

                " If you don't use it you lose it but if you use it, it wears out.

                Somewhere in between is about right "      



                  Flavio - nice race.  Good thing you were slower than PR pace when the course is short!

                  PRs: 5km 18:43 (Dec 2015), 10km 40:28 (Aug 2019), half 1:26:16 (Sep 2016), full 3:09:28 (Jun 2015)


                  40+ PRs: 5km 20:10 (Dec 2019), 10km 40:28 (Aug 2019), half 1:29:39 (Jun 2018)


                    James, Marco, Watson - nice weeks all.


                    Flavio - sounds like a pretty awesome experience even if it wasn't a PR!


                    Piwi - looks like Pulford ran very well to win the SM race.  Very close to sub-30 on what is a deceptively tough course.  Amazing to see Kamworor knock a massive 17 seconds off the half marathon WR.  I wonder if they'll ever include it as an OIympic distance, it's definitely getting more popular.


                    Me - will do a RR today if time permits.  Back to some solid training now to build towards Kerikeri Half Marathon at the end of November.  Would be really nice to finish the year on a high!  I'm gonna try running 6 days/week most weeks, did that for Christchurch and it kicked things up a gear.  Good practice if I decide to do a marathon next year too.

                    M: 6.6km easy

                    T: 11.2km incl. 5x1km with Mark Boyce

                    W: 12.8km easy

                    T: 10km steady

                    F: day off

                    S: 7.4km pre-race usual

                    S: 12.6km incl. NZ Road Champs 10km (33:15)

                    Total: 60.5km

                    5,000m: 15:39 (Dec-19) | 10,000m: 32:34 (Mar-20) | 10km: 33:15 (Sep-19) 

                    HM: 1:10:46 (Nov-19) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

                    Last race: NZ 10,000m Champs, 21 March, 32:34 (PB) 

                    Up next: Mt. Maunganui Half Marathon, 29 Aug; Rotorua Marathon, 26 Sept

                    "CONSISTENCY IS KING"


                    Making a comeback

                      Again, Nice job Mark and good run Flavio.


                      My week:

                      Monday: 10 miles on treadmill @ 7:18, 1 mile at 6:00, 1 @ 7:18

                      Tuesday: 9 miles easy (8:00 min-7:18 min range)

                      Wednesday: 11.2 mile progression from 7:30 pace down to 6:13 min/mile

                      Thursday: 12.5 miles @ 7:30-7:40

                      Friday: 9 mile progression (7:18, 7:00, 6:50, 6:42, 6:48, 6:33, 6:30, 6:33, 6:29)

                      Saturday: Treadmill part 2...12 miles @ 7:08 and 3 miles @ 6:00

                      Sunday: 11.5 reverse progression (aka I was tired)  7:25, 6 miles around 7 min/mile, last 4.5 miles around 7:30


                      Total: 80.2 week a return to tempos and 10k pace workouts.

                      2019 Goal: Run every day Goal: Get to 165 lbs Goal: Get in shape to be able to run 2 marathons in 2020

                      2020 Goals:


                      HM: 1:18:00

                      Marathon: 2:45:00

                      New 2020 Goal: Actually run a race, any race, just run a real legit race. **Eye Twitching**


                        Race report: NZ Road Race Championships (10km), Auckland, 16 September 2019


                        NZ Road Champs this year are on the Auckland Road Champs course.  It is a deceptively tough course which looks faster than it actually is.  The race is 5 laps of a 2km course - no hills other than a couple of very gradual inclines, but the real kicker is the S-bend at around the 700m mark of each lap which is a total momentum killer.  The weather is good - sunny (14C) and clear with a light northerly breeze, although there are a few puddles on the course from showers earlier.


                        The field for the Masters Mens race (35+) is a little thin this year, with Brian Garmonsway, Jonny McKee and Nick Moore set to battle for the top 3 spots.  I am focused on just running a good race and gunning for that elusive sub-34... I almost got there on this course 3 weeks ago but for extremely strong winds.  Hopefully that might be enough to help Auckland to a gold in the teams (M35-49) as the usually dominant Wellington team is slightly under-strength this year.  The scoring is based on cumulative placings over the 4 fastest runners.


                        Nick has told he his plan is just to keep Brian in sight for as long as possible.  I tell Nick I'm thinking of tagging on to him, but the lead group pace will probably be just a bit too hot for me so I'll wait and see.


                        Lap 1: 3:11, 3:16

                        I got a bit excited and actually led for the first 100m or so.  I guess Masters runners are bit smarter and more wary of going out too hard than the younger guys.  It helps that my family has picked a spot about 50m from the start line to cheer me on each lap.  Honestly, it felt pretty cool being out in front, especially when you see it on the drone footage on the livestream.  Anyway, I'm not that stupid and I back off a bit as we round the first corner.  There is a lead group of 4 (Brian, Nick, Jonny and Dan Nixon), but I think they're just a touch fast for me.


                        I briefly regretted this decision as the wind had spun around to the SW, so there was a headwind for the next 300m or so and I had no-one to work with.  I remind myself 'it's not nearly as bad as it was 3 weeks ago and you didn't need anyone else's help then'.  Sometimes it's those tough days where you learn more about yourself as a runner and I know that if I can get a good rhythm dialled in, it really doesn't matter what's happening around me.


                        First time around the S-bend and, uh, this is going to take a bit of figuring out in the Vaporflies.  I raced this course in the Saucony Fastwitch - a more traditional flat - last time and the Vaporflies are a tad sketchy on the corners with the high stack height.


                        Km 1 was a little quick at 3:11, but coming up the back straight I'm feeling like I've hit a good groove, and the 2nd km of each lap will be easier with basically three long straights and only a couple of corners (and no wind to contend with).


                        Lap 2: 3:18, 3:18

                        Sadly no-one bothered to sweep the water out of the u-turn at the bottom of the course - having said that it's a bit warm in the sun and the splash of cold water on the legs is refreshing.  I turn back on to the first straight, and notice that Brian is pulling away from the lead group, which now numbers 3.


                        My family - including my dad, two and a half-year old daughter, and my father-in-law - are about halfway up this stretch and my daughter gives me a big clap as I run past with a big smile on her face.  I told her that if she gave me a big cheer it would make daddy run faster, and that smile always lifts my spirits.  I give them a wave and carry on.


                        Turning into the headwind prompts the '4 laps to go' mindset, and I still haven't quite figured out the S bend.  The rhythm is feeling good up the back end of the course at least and it's nice to get some support from Luke McCallum and a few others too.  Coming down the home straight, I am still sitting in 5th and it looks like Brian has extended his lead over Nick and Jonny.  Dan Nixon has dropped back to 4th and is falling off the lead bunch.


                        Lap 3: 3:19, 3:20

                        Another boost at the start of the lap from my family, and I clock Dan at around 10 seconds ahead of me at the first turn.  I'm focused on my own rhythm rather than consciously trying to catch him but it was a useful distraction.  I think about running the tangents as much as possible, which is generally followed by memories of the footage of Rod Dixon's 1983 NYC marathon win.  And yes I was only 2 years old then but even on YouTube it is still magnificent viewing.  The S bend is still sketchy though.


                        Pace and effort are holding nice and steady, and at the top of the course I'm convinced I've picked up a few seconds on 4th place.  To get the sub-34 I need to be probably 3:22-3:23/km and I'm well ahead of that.  There's still two laps to go though and this is a course which will hurt you if you've gone out too fast.


                        Coming around the top of the course it looks like the gap between Brian, and the chasing pair of Jonny and Nick, has closed up a bit.  At the time I thought maybe Brian had just eased up a bit, but watching the livestream later on it was apparent just how much he'd pushed during that initial surge during the end of lap 1 and most of lap 2 - it looked like he ramped up to mile pace - at this point it started to catch up with him I guess.


                        Coming past the race base, I think I got a mention on the PA this time.  Two laps to go.


                        Lap 4: 3:23, 3:18

                        After the splish-splash through the u-turn, I realise that I've made up quite a bit of ground on Dan.  As I focused on what was happening with the lead 3, I hadn't noticed that I'd steadily gained on 4th.  Some more claps and smiles from my daughter give me a little boost and I catch him just as we turn the corner into the wind.  I tried to draft off him for a bit here but couldn't get the angle right so I just keep to my own rhythm and pass him as we approach the S bend.


                        Hilariously, he passes me right back as I still haven't quite figured out how to best tackle the S-bend in the Vaporflies - I drift a bit wide to try and hold pace and he goes by me on the inside.  I must've really screwed it up because this was my slowest km of the race.


                        It's short-lived though as I re-take 4th place early on the back straight.  Dan is never that far behind, maybe 4-5 seconds, but the real action is up ahead where Jonny and Nick have passed Brian - and Jonny has just gradually built up the pace to ease clear of Nick.  Coming down the home straight it seems like I am steadily gaining on Brian in 3rd place and I realise with 1 lap to go, I would have to really blow up to not hit the sub-34.


                        Lap 5: 3:19, 3:12

                        One final time past the family and one last round of smiles and cheers to keep me going for the last lap.  I catch Brian just before we turn into the wind and I'm into 3rd place!  It's hard to tell with the headwind through this point but it seems like he dropped off fairly quickly.  I'm determined to not look back, but coming through the S bend I figure I've probably picked up a 5 second advantage in the space of 300m or so - if you were fading, that headwind would really have hurt.


                        Holy crap, I just passed one of the best Masters runners in the country.  And sure, he mis-paced the race, but at this point I'm thinking maybe I've judged it pretty well.


                        It's amazing the games your mind plays on you, even in a shorter race like a 10km. Laps 2 and 3 were a bit of a grind, but as soon as I started getting the sense I was gaining ground on other runners, I totally forgot about that and got a big second wind just focusing on the little milestones ahead of me.


                        Mostly I just try not to crash on the S bend, because I think I've got enough left to push the last km.  Nick, in 2nd, is not that far ahead.  I don't think I'll catch him but I didn't expect to be in third place either, and here we are.  I'm starting to breath hard now but I keep pushing and it actually does feel like I'm gaining a little on him.  This is a guy who has always been light years ahead and I'm in striking distance of him at National Champs.  I have to pinch myself a bit.  Turning into the final stretch the watch was around 32:40, so sub-33 won't happen, but this will definitely be a very good PR in the low-33's.  Every second counts at a moment like this so I push really hard down the final stretch - it's not quite the sprint finish I managed in Dunedin but it's still a really strong fast finish.  There are two mats and I don't stop until I'm over the second one (just in case!).


                        33:15 on the watch for 3rd place!  I'm absolutely buzzing as I shake hands with Nick (I was only 5 seconds behind him!), and Jonny (I was only 10 seconds behind him!).  Brian and Dan are next to finish, followed by Sasha Daniels (Auckland) who has run a very strong race basically towing the second group behind him.  At this stage we have Auckland 2nd, 3rd and 6th, and Wellington 4th and 5th, so the teams race is totally up for grabs, then a bunch of different coloured singlets came through and I totally lost track.


                        I catch up with my family and tell Miss 2.5 that she actually did make daddy run faster with her cheers and claps.  She gives me a huge cuddle and has obviously had a great time watching and playing in the sun with her two grandfathers.  Time for a quick warm down and a few chats with Takapuna club mates and other running buddies, and at prizegiving it turns out that not only have I run 3rd overall for the bronze, 1st in my AG for a gold, but the Auckland team have squeaked a rare win over Wellington in the teams!! A genuine team effort with Nick and I both running PB's, Sasha running his best 10k in a long time, and I have no idea who was 4th for us but they probably got us over the line.  I take my daughter up on stage to get the bronze overall medal and she thinks it is basically the coolest thing ever.


                        Actually one of the coolest moments of the whole day was when we get home, and Miss 2.5 just wanted to run up and down the hall to 'win the medal', then insisted on getting the foam roller out to do some rolling afterwards!


                        33:15 official time (PB), 3rd overall, 1st M35-39, 1st team M35-49


                        5,000m: 15:39 (Dec-19) | 10,000m: 32:34 (Mar-20) | 10km: 33:15 (Sep-19) 

                        HM: 1:10:46 (Nov-19) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

                        Last race: NZ 10,000m Champs, 21 March, 32:34 (PB) 

                        Up next: Mt. Maunganui Half Marathon, 29 Aug; Rotorua Marathon, 26 Sept

                        "CONSISTENCY IS KING"

                          Nice weeks by all.... Everyone is really looking good.

                          Marco starting to look really good you should do well in your upcoming HM

                          Flavio nice race you really have been putting in some good work! Nice job by your girlfriend on the PR too.

                          Mark nice race by you as well.  I watched the live stream of the race looked really good... wind did look a bit breezy


                          After all the talk about heart rate in the last few weeks I tried to run at a slow enough pace to try and keep my HR in Z2, took it nice and slow. I also cut back in miles from last weeks as well.

                          Even with the slow pace my average HR still fell well inside of Z3 for my first 2 runs this week and even at my almost 11 min pace was still in Z3.

                          Gonna try and get in an extra day of running this week so the miles should go up slightly again this week.

                          still trying to keep the pace within an easy effort.


                          Weekly Summary
                          Monday, Sep 09, 2019 thru Sunday, Sep 15, 2019


                          <tfoot> </tfoot>
                          Day Miles Pace Description HR Link
                          Tue 5.7 9:41 Evening Run 133 strava
                          Thu 4.4 9:25 Evening Run 133 strava
                          Sun 12.0 10:55 Morning Run 122 strava
                            22.1 10:19    






                          1m  5:38 (2018)

                          5k    19:59 (2019)

                          HM  1:33:56 (2018)

                          FM  3:23:07 (2018)


                          King of pastries

                            Mark - that podium picture is gold!

                            I have watched the race now, man it's so cool to watch and every one of the top 5 dudes look super strong.

                            The Kiwi accent is pretty funky too, made watching it more interesting. I follow a youtuber indigo traveller and I immediately recognized the accent. Also you've got a strong poker face, it looked like you were out for a jog the whole time except the last sprint and even so I could see you were powering from the back, not much strain on the jaw and neck.


                            Piwi - true that, I think I'm still in denial despite being over 3 years that I set the 5k PR. Every race I just go out and try to keep PR pace and then fade badly. I'll take a break from racing now for a while, you can't really go too often to the water well.

                            PRs: 1500m 4:54.1 3K 10:34 5K 18:05 HM 1:23:30 - Up next: Some 5K race Sep 6th.

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                              Hey everyone, I had a bad trip/fall trail running two Thursdays ago and took 8 days off running (and took time away from the forums as well). Anyway things are feeling better now although my back is still a little sore (had xrays done and doc said no fractures which is good).


                              Lots of great racing here.


                              My week:  7.7 miles on Saturday, 5 on Sunday.


                              Flying to Puerto Rico for work tomorrow.


                              Taper Czar

                                Mark - congrats again. I swear to you, I used to use the name "Johnny McGee" as a made up person, so the fact that you have a) I make fun of you all the time for your running pals and b) YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SOMEONE NAMED JOHNNY MCKEE is amazing.


                                I was thinking that it's a weird dynamic in your part of the world, as the best runners probably flee the country to go make money elsewhere, correct? Like where does Nick Willis live? I can't imagine the pro NZ runners actually call NZ home as it would be too difficult to travel to major races. But I could be wrong.


                                Flavio - I don't think you can go to the well too often in 10K and shorter races. Don't take too long off, I think maybe 6 weeks is right before your next race.


                                Paul - glad to hear you're okay, I was starting to wonder what happened to you.


                                Corey - slowing down is always good, but especially coming back from injury like you are. Very smart, keep it up.


                                DPS/Marco/Watson - good weeks.


                                James - a new PR will often make you sore!


                                Me - not much to report except a whole lot of easy running. Lungs have been bothering me lately, not sure what's going on. Otherwise, I will end this easy running hell in a couple of days!


                                Weekly Summary
                                Monday, Sep 09, 2019 thru Sunday, Sep 15, 2019

                                <tfoot> </tfoot>
                                Day Miles Pace Description Link
                                Mon 10.9 8:36 Evening Run strava
                                Tue 8.9 8:08 Evening Run strava
                                Wed 10.8 8:15 Never Forget strava
                                Thu 9.1 8:17 Well I'm runnin down the road tryin to loosen my load strava
                                Sat 10.9 7:52 Afternoon Run strava
                                Sun 17.0 8:08 First time crossing state lines on a run strava
                                  67.6 8:13    

                                5K: 16:51 (8/19)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:15:28 (3/20)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


                                Next Race: Whatever COVID-19 will allow me to run