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    Keen - we don't get large tornadoes here like you do in parts of the US, but we do get small ones from time to time.  A few years ago I was browsing the news at work to discover footage of a tornado about 2km from my house (it actually killed someone at a nearby shopping mall), but it petered out pretty fast.  But they are pretty infrequent and pale in comparison to Tornado Alley in the US.


    Piwi - I have taken to running without a singlet on the warmer/muggier mornings.  People probably think I am a bit tryhard but it's just functional and there's no point creating more washing than is absolutely necessary.  On my long run last Sunday, my shorts were totally soaked by the end and looked like I'd been swimming in them.  Unfortunately we've still got Feb to go and then hopefully it'll start getting cooler after that.


    Steve - hot weather and wind are my two least favourite things when running.  I guess at least with wind you can pick routes to minimise it.


    Flavio - I'm with Piwi, you look pretty fit, although those sunglasses do have a drug dealer vibe about them.


    Brent - nice week especially if you got that mileage without a LR in there.

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      Mark the only good thing about this wind we've been having is that running into it cools you off. I'm not game enough to remove my singlet. At 50 things start to sag....actually through surfing I've kept my moobs fairly strong !

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        If you dont surf nor kayak every other day, things start to sag way earlier, piwi. I tell you what there is a huge market of moobs bras to being taken advantage of. Anyways enjoy the heat as we are having the opposite here in Europe and I tell you what - its not fun Smile

          Welcome back Rune!


          1m  5:38 (2018)

          5k    19:59 (2019)

          HM  1:33:56 (2018)

          FM  3:23:07 (2018)


            Watson - yeah I did win that race, but I don't have this "strava" link stuff that you guys all refer to...


            flavio - I do remember your victory and your race report that followed. Am I correct that it was a loop course, either a 5k or 5mile? I wouldn't call that figure of yours fat at all.


            Sam - good to see you again, long time. I hope you can get the motivation you need again.


            Mikkey - thanks for the article, I enjoyed it as well. Always welcome new perspectives and keep an open mind.


            Brent - can't imagine you're anything but the treadmill this time of year in your area. I took my family to Minneapolis during Thanksgiving time in 2017 (so they could all spend too much $ at the mall of America). It was brutally cold there even then. Even seemed like it felt colder than the temperatures were.


            Keen - whenever I have the choice, I always prefer to do upwind first. For example, I have a run route that goes almost exclusively to the SW from my house, and is an out and back round trip of 10 miles. 9/10 days the wind is out of the SW, so when it's a strong one, I pick this route. It just seems to be easier to deal with on the first half of the run.


            Steve - just wtf on that storm system...


            Piwi - yeah as you can tell, any of us northerners would love to have your weather right now. OKC on a small run, tell me you were as excited as I was on that rim wrecker dunk by Russ against the Blazers.


            After the 25k race Saturday, I've just been doing 8 mile treadmill runs daily. To be honest, that brutal day just made me want to get out of the weather for a while. I feel fully recovered though, so may do a tempo today if my tempo road has been cleared and salted.

              welcome back Rune! wow there is a lot of movement in the forum at the moment. I might catch up over the weekend. Worth of note:


              - Flavio you almost look like a real runner on the track Wink ! I hope you are enjoying it, I am definitely missing the old sunny track back in Italy (currently I go to the Mary Peter's track, which is nice, but I can only run in the early mornings and the sky is definitely not blue...)


              - did I read correctly? Mark tired after a session ? that's good news for us humans Smile


              I saw lots of good miles and training and discussion lately, so I am looking forward to this interesting 2019 Smile


              I survived the couple of frozen days we had and managed to have 1 day rest and a few mid week long runs. I will keep things down tomorrow, race on Saturday (for fun on a cross-country 8 K) and then I have planned to run a long 20 miles on Sunday (depending on how tired I am ...)


              all the best!!!

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                Piwi - I said nothing about my cheeks and vaseline!

                DWave - Of course you show up as soon as there's a cringe-worthy comment made.  Random: I've got Orbital's "Halcyon on and On" playing in the background.

                Mark - I know all about Tornado Alley - considering that I've lived in it all my life. Last year was an oddly quiet year for tornadoes - hopefully this year will be as well.

                DJ - I frequently choose routes based on wind direction. I'm fairly restricted to going primarily west or north - going south or east either leads me across a 4 lane divided highway or to higher traffic roads. Everything I run on is at most two lane (maybe marked, probably not) without a shoulder or sidewalk, so I try staying away from traffic as much as possible, even if it means compromising on running against the wind.
                I certainly don't blame you for wanting to stay out of the wind after racing in those conditions. Did you manage to stop by the confectioner's shop?

                Did my first interval-ish session this morning. 5x 1k at what was supposed to be just a touch above 10k effort. Couldn't manage to put forth that much effort so it ended up being ~HM effort. I almost talked myself out of doing the workout a couple times. First it was because my right calf was feeling tight and not loosening up, then during the first interval I felt a niggle in my left leg. I almost called it there, but wanted to finish the one rep. The niggle went away before the end of the first interval and my calf also seemed to loosen up afterwards so I kept with the workout. Much work still needs to be done.

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                  DJ your weather is nasty right now. im sure you are used to it. Yeah OKC going ok but always look a bit vulnerable even if they get a big lead....but can claw back a 25 point deficit too ! That was a huge dunk.


                  My week belowWeekly Summary
                  Monday, Jan 21, 2019 thru Sunday, Jan 27, 2019

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                  Tue 8.1 8:01 Morning Run strava
                  Wed 11.2 8:25 Morning Run strava
                  Thu 5.0 9:25 Morning Run strava
                  Fri 11.2 7:39 Morning Run strava
                  Sat 5.0 9:12 Morning Run strava
                  Sun 14.9 7:36 Morning Run strava
                    55.4 8:09    


                  Did 24kms with the last 13kms at MP today. Slowed it to 4.20/km which felt more reasonable than 4.10/km which is too fast for my current fitness. Ran the last km at 3.55 as I still had something left. Body holding up with a few aches in hips, ankles, achilles and upper hammy 

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                  " If you don't use it you lose it but if you use it, it wears out.

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                    Piwi - nice week and nice tempo run.


                    Keen - funny how sometimes you have to slog through that first rep but it gets easier from there. Hope those niggles aren't an issue.


                    Me - slightly lighter week but a few good workouts in there.  Sunday's run was a good one.  My legs felt pretty tired at the start after a good track session on Saturday and I was thinking it was going to be a total write-off, but I still managed to punch out 3x15 min at HM effort, at very close to PB pace (averaged around 3:37/km vs. PB 3:35/km).  Definitely a confidence builder, and with my rolling 365-day mileage now at an all-time high, maybe it's a sign that the extra volume is paying off.  I'll admit I'm a little tempted to have a serious crack at Coatesville Half Marathon in a couple of weeks, which I'd planned to just cruise.


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                    T: 12km easy

                    W: 14km easy/hilly

                    Th: 15.1km incl 4x 1km effort / 1 min jog

                    F: weights

                    S: 12km track session incl 10x 200/200 jog and 4x800/400 jog

                    S: 22.3km incl 3x 15 min @ HM effort / 5 min easy

                    Total: 78.1km

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                    Last race: NZ Road Relays (Leg 2 / 10.2km), 5 Oct, 35:10

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                      Corey - not a hernia right?


                       Jmac I hope not...that was actually one of my fist thoughts though I have no visible signs. The area is still a bit sore, just running easy runs this week. I've put in 30 so far with 13.5 today with no major pain, just a little discomfort.  I suppose if it is not feeling better next week I'll have to make a trip to the doctor  .

                      Mickey Nice article

                      Flavio nice photo on the track looking good!

                      Steve nice workout ominous looking photo!

                      Piwi Mark Nice weeks


                      Im sitting at 30 miles so far with a plan to get in at least 10 tomorrow.


                      1m  5:38 (2018)

                      5k    19:59 (2019)

                      HM  1:33:56 (2018)

                      FM  3:23:07 (2018)


                        OK so my coach has decided (unprompted!) that I should have a crack at Coatesville (who am I to argue?!).  It's a tough, hilly course, it'll probably be horribly hot and humid, but hell I ran a PB there last year so who knows.  And me and this race have a fair bit of history too.


                        JMac, better add it to the list.  Coatesville Half Marathon, Sun 10 Feb, goal 1:17:43 (course PB).


                        Corey - fingers crossed that niggle is nothing serious.

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                        Last race: NZ Road Relays (Leg 2 / 10.2km), 5 Oct, 35:10

                        Up next: The Agency Group 10,000m, 9 Nov

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                          Another reasonably good week.  Increased my long run to 14 miles, though my legs were tired during the last couple.  My speed (such as it is) is coming back, but I’m not sure I’ll get back to my 2017 level in time for the March 2 half.  I averaged 4:36 for my 1200s today, down from 4:44 three weeks ago but slower than 2017’s 4:28. I did 5 reps, though, and only 4 in 2017, and my increased mileage seems to be giving me more speed endurance.  All the reps were between 4:34 and 4:38, and I didn't fade.  It’s pretty cold by south Georgia standards these days, with lows below freezing and highs around 50/10, so I’m running in the afternoon rather than the morning when I can.  Looks like we’ll have another week or so of this before we get back to more normal winter weather.


                          Sun - off

                          Mon - 14 miles easy

                          Tues - 6.2 recovery

                          Weds - 6.2 moderate

                          Thurs - 5.2 easy (may be the first time since high school I’ve run four days in a row)

                          Fri - off

                          Sat - 7 total, incl. 5x1200 with~3:15 rest @4:36 or 6:08/mile


                          Total - 38.6 miles

                          12-week average - 34 mpw

                          Post-1987 PRs:  5K 19:12 (2017); 10K 39:35 (Sept '19); Half 1:30:14 (March '19)

                          2019 Goals: NO INJURIES, 30+ mpw (ok so far), Half<1:30 (almost), 10K<40 (yes), 5K<19 (no)


                          Hot Weather Complainer

                            I had a good week, up until yesterday.  Got all my runs in during a busy time and through storms.  Yesterday I planned an "easy 20" in very hot weather.  It was out and back so when I hit 10 and was feeling great, JMac's quote about injury actually crossed my mind mainly because I had a feeling something would go wrong on this run.


                            At about 14km I got a sharp spasm/cramp in my calf.  Enough to make me jump and utter an expletive.  Then all was fine.  It happened again every 2 mins or so but as soon as it was done, I felt no effects.  Then with about 2.5km to go it happened again but the calf was sore on every step afterwards so I stopped on the spot.  It doesn't hurt now, and I don't know if it's a real issue or a nutrition/dehydration issue.  I might go out and run 100 metres or so tonight to see.  Paranoid++.

                            PB:  Christchurch 2016 1:29.25

                            Recent Races:  South Island Half-Marathon 2018 1:32.39 Auckland Waterfront Half-Marathon 2019 1:30.49

                            Next Race:  South Island Half-Marathon, August 4, 2019


                              Steve - every now and then (and only in summer), I will wake up with random calf spasms in the night. Hurts like hell at the time but generally in the morning the only reminder is a tender spot and it doesn’t impact running. I’m sure it’s something to do with hydration and most likely electrolyte levels. Hoping that’s your scenario!

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                              Last race: NZ Road Relays (Leg 2 / 10.2km), 5 Oct, 35:10

                              Up next: The Agency Group 10,000m, 9 Nov

                              "CONSISTENCY IS KING"


                                James and CFarr - good weeks.


                                Mark - good week.


                                Piwi - good week.  55 miles is really good considering where you were a few weeks ago.


                                My week was ok.  Tuesday's intervals were good.  Thursday was ok (will end up as a tempo run soon).  Work got in the way today (IT go live), so I didn't manage a run today, so a pretty low week mileage wise.


                                I have 5km race on Tuesday, so I'm going to accidentally have a substantial taper.  It's a different even to a couple of weeks ago.  It looks like it's going to quite warm, so I'm hoping for a 19:59.


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                                Tue 7.8 7:45 Evening Run - incl 5 * (1200m moderate and 300m easy) strava
                                Wed 4.4 8:51 Evening Run strava
                                Thu 7.5 7:54 Evening Run - 6 * (800m moderate intervals & 200m easy) strava
                                Fri 4.4 9:15 Evening Run strava
                                Sat 4.4 8:05 Evening Run - Incl. Striders strava
                                  32.9 8:15    

                                PRs: 5km 18:43 (Dec 2015), 10km 40:28 (Aug 2019), half 1:26:16 (Sep 2016), full 3:09:28 (Jun 2015)


                                40+ PRs: 5km 20:34 (Jan 2019), 10km 40:28 (Aug 2019), half 1:29:39 (Jun 2018)


                                2019 aims: Unlike 2017 & 2018, be consistent.  So get 40+ weeks of 40+ miles incl. two quality sessions (5 weeks achieved so far).