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    I'm currently training for a sprint triathlon (my first) in late October, and have a "race day" question.  I wear an insulin pump, which I will need to discretely detach for the swim (pool), and re-attach before getting on th bike.  It's an expensive and vital device for me, so I'm not keen on leaving it in the transition area, or being detached for too long waiting for my turn to swim.


    Would it be OK for me to hand it to my husband shortly before I swim (pool swim w/ snake pattern), and have him hand it back to me after I get out of the pool?  I'm am just doing this for fun and the race looks pretty laid back (Halloween costumes encouraged), but don't want to cause a problem or get disqualified or anything.  If there is any doubt, l'll probably check in w/ the race director just to make sure, but wondered if it is even likely to be a problem worth mentioning or if it is normal for people to hand stuff back and forth to friends and family.

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      It shouldn't be a problem.


      Check with the RD to be sure but I'd really be suprised if it were.


      Good luck and have a great time !

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        I am pretty sure it would be fine.  Your hubbie could give it to you as you go to transition.  Have a great time!!

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          Outside help is against the rules in most tri's but they'll usually make an exception in these cases.  Ask the RD first cause you could get DQ'ed if they are strict about it.

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            Thanks for the replies and well wishes!  You guys are great.  Sounds like the best bet is to go ahead and ask the RD just to be safe.  But the thought that receiving any form of aid could give me an unfair advantage makes me chuckle.  I'm still working on not filling my lungs with pool water, and am riding a mountain bike with only a few working gears (gonna fix that soon).  Now if I could sneak in a snorkel and some flippers......
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              Put it with your bike transition gear.  Either it will be a strict transition area with no entry from non racers or it will be laid back and your husband could help you in transition.  Either way, take your time after the swim and get ready for a great bike and run.  Have fun most of all!



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