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    Why should I have to run (potentially) 18 - 20 miles carrying poultry? Next time I will kick them in the throat and then stamp on their heads if they get close to my baby.
    Yep...then the owner for being a dumb a$$
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      I've actually been bitten by a dog that was on a leash. I was running down the street in one direction, and as I passed a guy walking his dog in the other direction, the dog jumped up and sank its teeth into my hip. The owner didn't even pause - he just said "bad dog" in a voice that showed that he clearly didn't care and kept walking. Owners who don't know how to control their pets really are the problem.
      Great . . . now I have a whole new problem. Smile

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        It's not the dogs fault if he chases you into the road, it's the owner's fault. You should call animal control so that they can have a chat with the owner to keep the dog safe from hurting itself or hurting somebody else. I made an enemy of somebody that lived relatively close to me in college who used to let his dog chase us. He got mad that I kept calling animal control, but he started leashing his dog while I was there. Once I wasn't running by anymore, though, he went right back to leaving the dog off the leash in his yard, and the next year when I moved back the dog had been put down because it killed a 10 year old on a bike. For more immediate advice on what you can do while a dog is chasing you:

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          Then you should love dog owners, since they will be providing you business in the future.
          As they have everywhere I've worked. Including in EMS, where taking a header over one's dog appeared to be a much more widespread problem than I would have previously thought.
          Nope, and that was neither stated nor implied. I was just curious, given that you live a stone's throw away.
          Then I apologize, because what you probably aren't aware of is that Harvard Medical school is not in Cambridge on the main campus. It's actually out near Fenway, which would be a pretty hefty commute for me.
            As they have everywhere I've worked. Including in EMS, where taking a header over one's dog appeared to be a much more widespread problem than I would have previously thought.
            This is without question the greatest threat my furry speedbump poses to anyone, but I'll be sure to keep him on a short leash whenever you pass us on the bikepath. Big grin

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              Anyone who hates kids and dogs can't be all bad.... Wink

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                Anyone who hates kids and dogs can't be all bad.... Wink
                But people who hate cats are scum of the Earth... Evil grin (BTW, love your profile pic...we have 4 of those rascals. They keep finding us. And we are suckers.)

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                    Get a pepper spray. Even though some states may have a prohibition against carrying pepper sprays against humans, strangely enough it's usually quite legal to carry them for protection against bears... and dogs.

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                      Keep in mind that this was your first time trying out a new route....if the owner had no reasonable expectation that anyone would be running by, they probably thought it was OK for the dog to be outside off-leash. Getting back to the original post, I recommend that you stop and talk to the owner and ask that she introduce you to the dog so that the dog is familiar with you--that alone might stop it from chasing you. At the very least, it won't perceive you as a threat so it probably won't bite you. I wouldn't jump to calling the animal control people unless it's a continuing problem. And I would NOT recommend taking treats with you unless you want the dog to follow you home too. Again, my perspective is somewhat different because I come from a place where it's commonplace to have dogs off-leash, both in their yards and out walking them too. We even have a couple of dogs that sleep in the middle of Main Street. But don't hate all of us dog-owners, when you're running or any other time.
                      I also live in a RURAL area (with no leash law). . . . and I have stopped and talked to 90 year old Granny Cox. She said, "I got that dog because he won't let anyone in the yard." Great . . . but I'm not in your yard. And by the way - I LOVE DOGS!