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    Does anyone have any marathon training experience using the Galloway method? My question is when it says to run a certain training pace, does that include the walk breaks or that should be the pace including the walk breaks? Thanks in advance

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      Wow, brings me back to the 80's when I used Jeff's training for marathons.  I would say it includes your walking breaks.  For me, my running days for now are over after falling off a ladder painting and getting a concussion 8 days ago. This is the longest running break I'll have since 1988!  Good luck with your Galloway method and marathoning!


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        You may want to take a look at the LHR forum here. Maffetone training.

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          Are you using the actual Galloway method with his prescribed times and paces or simply a run-walk method?  As I understand him, Galloway specifies how long to run and at what pace, and how long to walk and at what pace for an overall pace target. That's also based on what he calls a Magic Mile, i.e. a mile time trial used to set your goal pace.  I use a run-walk method, but I've determined, mostly by trial and error, what works for me because Galloway's method would have me switching back and forth between running and walking way too frequently.

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