1st crash with new bike :( (Read 1223 times)


    I have never had problems with clipping out in stacks. I did the usual failure to unclip funny crash at 1mph years ago and since then I have been fine. Last week I landed a jump on my front wheel, nose wheelied into a tree stump at speed and that catapulted me over the bars into a tree - I dont remember the bit between the stump and the tree, but I was 10ft away from my bike at the end and I know I was clipped in when I hit the stump. The unclipping thing gets burned into your brain after a few months and just becomes another reflex.....

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      I learned my lesson about properly maintaining my spd pedals recently. I don't know whether it was dirt in the mechanism or the fact that I never lubed the releases but I did the typical slow motion crash a couple weeks ago. Fortunately the mud and wet grass made for a soft landing. Black eye The worst part was that I did it right in front of someone and my foot did come out somewhere on the way down.